PatriotUSA very under the weather and why I am missing.

First of all, A HUGE thank you to all the contributors here at Patriot's Corner. Read on to know why I am so blessed and grateful by all of you who make this site run.

Maybe a few folks might have noticed my absence, here is why.

Sorry to report that I have been very out of it from a tooth that went very south (bad) starting this past Wednesday. I was on my way home from work in Bend when I was blinded by severe pain, so bad I had to pull over. I waited about 30 minutes and finished the trip home.

Thursday morning was spent trying to find a dentist to see me for my 'emergency', which it was. Side of face was puffed out, and there is nothing like severe dental pain. My own dentist could not see me before Tuesday simply because I am on the Oregon Health Plan for dental. I am covered through a program called Employed people with disabilities. There is only ONE dental provider for all of central Oregon. My situation did not qualify as a same day or next day visit. So I went to a new dentist who trashed her schedule to see me. #30 molar lost it's filling and here I am looking at $2,000  (will probably be less) for root canal and crown. I have been eating pain killers and antibiotics and have slept the better part of two days away. One way or another this will get taken care of , what's $2,000.00 more of debt at this point. This is not a tooth that you can pull as it is NOT the last molar, no such luck there either. It could always be worse but once the fever breaks I will return but just wanted to let everyone know.I am off work most of next week thanks to budget cuts. It is back to bed after one more quick post, and yes I am about as grumpy as a rattler being poked and prodded after getting caught in the noon day sun in the Sonoran desert. Nurse AJ has refused to leave my side as he tends to do when I get ill or have surgery.

I will return as soon as I am able to.

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Nick said...

Dental care can be a bit of a nightmare over here as well. I'm lucky enough to be registered with a practice about 20 miles away, and haven't had too much trouble in recent years. There is an <a href="http://www.nhsgrampian.org/nhsgrampian/dental.jsp?pContentID=6421&p_applic=CCC&p_service=Content.show&>emergency service</a> available 50 miles in the other direction, so if you're totally stuck that can be an option. (I've had to use that once & was I glad they were there!) I've also had to do what you're having to do just now & put my hand in my pocket to get quick-ish treatment from a private guy in Aberdeen (oil capital of Europe, blah blah blah ...) My cousin had to do the same before he headed off for Australia. There's just nothing good about toothache. Except knowing that it can be fixed, it's getting fixed, and in a few days you'll be right as rain again. So hang in there, as the Aussies say, she'll be right mate.

Nick said...

That should say, there is an emergency dental service over here ... (forgot a " in there 1st time round)