Obama - The Anti-Israel President

Hat tip: Foreign Confidential

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Nick said...

Outstanding video. Every morally sane person on the face of the earth needs to see that 7 minutes of film, & needs to think about what it means.

PatriotUSA said...

Yes, you are absolutely correct.

Of course how many of those who agree with obama and his stance on Israel are 'morally sane.'?

It is a very sad state of affairs but I think the mullah in the White House will corrupt his way into a second term. If so, this country will be irrepairable damaged save a second, bloody violent revolution.

It is very, very maddening that the Conservatives do not have the stones to impeach obama, the worst potus, period! They are petrified to be known as the ones who impeached the first black potus. Cowards is all they are. So what, this is NOT about skin color. It is about saving the United States from becoming the next politcally correct Europistan.

Findalis said...

If given a 2nd term expect Obama to attack Israel in the hope of defeating them and giving the land to the Arabs.