New North Korean Provocation Likely: Foreign Confidential

For those of you who may be a first time visitor or just someone who wanders in occasionally, you may or may not know about our friend and his great site, Foreign Confidential.

Foreign Confidential is run by Confidential Reporter.

CR and FC, in my opinion, stand out among all the sites one can visit. Patriot's Corner has been in existence for over three years now and I have found that no other site is as accurate or dependable as FC, is in their predictions, knowledge and research on the events and issues that FC covers. Not everything or every event is covered. No one site can cover everything and those that try to always fall short in some way. I TRUST CR and what his site covers.

This is from Foreign Confidential and please read the link inside the post. North Korea is a largely unknown country to the West. Now with a new leader, one which has NO experience in running a country, especially like North Korea, the unknown and unexpected, has tripled in my opinion. There will be provocations against South Korea and the United States. The country test fired a missile on the same day the death of 'dear leader' was announced. Coincidence? I think not.

I am out of town on work related business until Wednesday so posts will be light on my part. A lot is changing at work and all of it is due to the fallout from budget reductions. Will post what I can but will most likely be light until later in the week.


Early Warning.

Foreign Confidential™ analysts believe there is a better than 50/50 chance that North Korea will soon detonate a nuclear device or test-fire a long-range missile as a show of force aimed at deterring the United States and South Korea from trying to interfere in the North's internal situation. In this regard, Hillary Clinton's call for the North to respect human rights is likely to be interpreted by its Stalinist/Kimist/criminal rulers (i.e. the North Korean military) as an aggressive act--a sign that the U.S. seeks to stir an Arab Spring-style uprising in the North in the wake of the death of its deranged Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il.

North Korea's oil-rich ally, Islamist Iran, would like to see Pyongyang provoke a new international crisis in order to divert attention from Iran's nuclear and missile programs. Iran, which can clearly afford to pay for a North Korean nuclear or missile test, is no doubt feeding its proliferation partner's paranoia about U.S. intentions on the Korean peninsula.

Kim Jong Il was a monster who threatened world peace, starved and murdered his people and essentially turned his country into a giant concentration camp. But his death at this critical juncture could play into the hands of other monsters--namely, Iran's atomic ayatollah, Ali Khamenei, and maniac-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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