Muslim man(?) gets decked trying to rob "We Buy Gold" store in North Carolina

Ok, so I just had to post this one up in case you missed it on your local news or the news was sanitized because the name of the perp is Mostafa Kamel Hendi and perhaps, just maybe, just saying he is of muslim origin or background with that name.

The robbery went badly for poor Mostafa as he get decked, knocked out cold by the store employeee, Derek Mothershead. Mostafa made several errors in judgement as you will see and hear when you run the video. The 'gun' he was brandishing about was a pellet pistol. 

Mostafa is a bright one, is he not, heh!

I have hit a fair number of people in my day like Mr. Mothershead did and you know it right away when you whack some idiot like poor Mostafa and he goes down to the deck like a bag of spuds. A punch like that ALWAYS feels good to connect with.

Never bring a knife or a toy gun to a gunfight, you will always lose.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the video and Gates Of Vienna for the groundwork on this good news of the day or perhaps entire holiday season.

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Nick said...

As the saying goes, that boy's got a sair face ...