Las Vegas Judge-Prosecutor Had a Thing Goin' on

Gary Fouse - fousesquawk: While I was in Las Vegas this weekend recuperating from my dangerous assignment in Tonopah infiltrating Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law's solar tower operation scam, I came across this little piece in the local fishwrap. (Yes, Las Vegas actually has a newspaper.)

It seems there is a family court judge in Las Vegas named Steven Jones. (Yes, Las Vegas has courts and judges, too.) It also seems there is was a family court prosecutor named Lisa Willardson. Furthermore, it seems that Steve and Lisa have a thing goin' on.

"Me and Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr Jones...."

"Objection sustained."

Anyway, it seems that a couple of other prosecutors named Michelle Edwards and Janne Hanrahan knew what was goin' on and blew the whistle saying there was a conflict of interest goin' on and that Lisa should not be arguing cases in Stevies's courtroom. Local DA David Roger agreed and fired Willardson.

Judge Jones didn't like that one bit. Therefore, guess who he barred from appearing in his courtroom due to "inappropriate and unprofessional behavior".

Edwards and Hanrahan.

"Inappropriate and unprofessional behavior"

In solidarity with Judge Stevie, another family court judge named Brigid Duffy also barred Edwards from her courtroom. DA Roger is publicly defending his two prosecutors and criticizing Jones. That's why this is all in the news.

At this point, Chief Judge Jennifer Togliatti has jumped into the fray and is trying to make sense out of all of this. Stay tuned as Judge Togliatti tries to figure out who is guilty of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.

I sure hope President Obama doesn't get another pick for the Supreme Court.

"Mr President. We think Steven Jones is the man for the job."

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Nick said...

The thought of people in the legal profession procreating is rather unsettling ...

PatriotUSA said...

Kind of like cockroaches, eh Nick?

Nick said...

At least you can stamp on a cockroach ..