Jewish Tooth Fairy Fund

The Roberta Project for Survivors of Terror, which is part of ATZUM, has just launched an effort to provide dental care to survivors of terrorist attacks in Israel.  People suffer long after a terrorist attack; it's not just a case of surviving when the bus you're aboard is blown up by a suicide bomber, brushing yourself off and saying, "Oh dearie me, I'll be late for my work now."

Survivors of all ages can suffer from PTSD, they can have all sorts of physical problems, and on a purely financial basis, whole families can suffer if the main breadwinner was killed in a terrorist attack. One of the things people usually don't think about - until they have toothache themselves - is the cost of dental care. The Jewish Tooth Fairy Fund aims initially to provide funding for approximately 10-15 Israeli survivors of terrorist attacks to receive dental treatment. They also hope to recruit Israeli dentists who will then provide low-cost treatment to survivors in Israel.

The Survivors of Terror project was renamed in 2008 in honour of Roberta Bernstein, who had helped hundreds of familes who had survived terrorist attacks while working with ATZUM. Sadly, Roberta, her husband Chuck, and her daughter Batsheva were killed in an RTA (road traffic accident) in 2007.

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