Israel blocks military technology sale to Turkey

Israel has blocked a contract between some of their premier defence technology firms and Turkey. The Israeli Defence Ministry have declined to issue an export licence to allow Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries to sell the Lopor camera system to Turkey. Israeli officials have said that they are concerned about the possibility of Turkey passing on any cutting-edge technology they buy from Israel to third parties who are hostile to Israel.

It's refreshing to see a country putting their own well-being before the almighty dollar. If a country like Israel, with hard core, implacable enemies all around her has managed to develop advanced intelligence gathering technology, then her first order of business is to make sure that they use that technology to defend themselves. This is what Israel has done here.

Sources: Chicago Tribune (accessed 18:10 GMT 22/12/2011), The Jerusalem Post (accessed 18:12 GMT 22/12/2011),  ynet news (accessed 18:13 GMT 22/12/2011).

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HermitLion said...

"Third parties" is just a diplomatic reason.

Turkey is hostile to Israel. It has turned from an ally to an enemy in just a few years, thanks to the islamic takeover.
The same can be said about Turkey and the west, too, though you won't see many European politicians willing to admit it at the moment.

Nick said...

You may well be right. Just because one reason is true, doesn't mean that another reason can't also be true. After all, if a 3d party was to lay their hands on some high tech military gear after Turkey had bought it from Israel, then the problem would lie not just with the guys who end up with that gear in their hands - it'd be that there were (Turkish) people who either allowed that to happen, or actively made it happen.

And who's to say that wouldn't just be the tip of the iceberg.

I'm sure the Israelis wouldnt' knock back a big military contract without good reason. I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing.

HermitLion said...

Indeed, Nick, but I meant to add, not contradict :)

The risk of Turkey giving away military tech was always there - it just raised to an unacceptable level (as in, 100%). Fortunately, there are other, less hostile countries, to sell such things to.