islam continues to spread muslim tolerance and 'love' to Iraqi's Christians

Straight from Jihad Watch.

Iraq: Muslim mob shouting "Allahu akbar" attacks, ransacks, burns Christian-owned shops and hotels

I just received this email from a reader in Iraq:

Subject: Muslims attacked our liquor shops, salons, hotels

Message: Hello, I'm an Assyrian in Iraq. Today after Friday prayers, Muslim Kurds in Zakho (near Dohuk) attacked and besieged liquor shops, salons, hotels, massages that are owned by Christians. The security didn't do anything and the rampage has continued til now! You won't see this news in the media.

Indeed not. But you will see it at Jihad Watch.

UPDATE 1:23PM PST: I just received this new message from the same man on the scene in Iraq:

Thank you so much for putting the news out there, Robert.

The attacks haven't stopped, and I just go the word that they are ATTACKING a Catholic Diocesan office.

The security is standing still and watching as I am writing this to you.

Christian homes are being fired upon as well.

And I just learned that they're starting to attack small villages on the outskirts of the town as well. This could be a major news as it unfolds.

It seems to me that it already is.

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Findalis said...

All over the Muslim world Christians are being killed. Why not? Muslims got away with destroying and killing their Jewish neighbors. Now its the time to get rid of their Christian neighbors.

Funny thing, at the time the Christian communities never spoke up or helped their Jewish neighbors.

PatriotUSA said...

Amazing how many people forget that, Findalis.

The appeasement of the nazis should have warned the world what would happen if this tactic was used again.

Abject failure and now the West is failing and falling again and our enemies are readying to storm the gates and once again, we are at the Gates Of Vienna.

God has warned us what will befall us should we let the apple of HIS eye come to harm. We are a most stubborn and ignorant lot.
Time is not on our side.

Nick said...

The religion of peace continually reveals just how "tolerant" it really is: (see link).