Iran's war games

Iran has reportedly said they are going to be test-firing missiles in the Straits of Hormuz today. There's a lot of sabre rattling going on over that stretch of water right now. The US State Department are quoted as saying that Iran is exhibiting "irrational behaviour". Ahmadinejad remember is a believer in the twelfth imam, the mahdi who is an occulted geezer who is supposed to re-emerge from a well somewhere in Iran once the world is chaotic enough to need him. (So logically it makes sense for such a cultist to want to bring about chaos. So: irrational? Well ...)

In response to those harsh words from America, we have Iran's man of the moment, Brigadier General Hussein Salami. He's quoted as saying that America is not qualifed to give the Iranians permission to carry out military strategy, which may well be the case, so far as it goes. Given some of the numpties working for Obama, whose behaviour regarding Iran and indeed the rest of the Middle East has of course, been perfectly rational since the day he took office ...

Source: Times of Malta (accessed 10:15 GMT 31/12/11)

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