What can be done about Iran?

Matthew Kroenig has been thinking about how we must deal with the Iranian nuclear threat. Kroenig has a doctorate in political science, is currently a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and is one of the editors of The Causes and Consequences of Nuclear Proliferation (published by Routledge.) Kroenig argues that the best option we now have is for the United States to strike against Iran, and cripple their efforts to create nuclear WMD.

As Kroenig rather eloquently puts it, that would "remove the incentive" for other nations in the Middle East to try to construct their own nuclear WMD. Kroenig argues that America is in a better position to carry out a successful pre-emptive strike against Ahmadinejad's gang. Alternatively, we could engage in a cold war against Iran that could last for years or even decades, a project which has absolutely no guarantee of success.

The fact is that this situation has been allowed to drift by the Obama administration, and with each week they let slide without acting against Iran, the situation deteriorates further. As Koenig points out, sooner or later the civilised world will be forced to choose between a nuclear confrontation with Iran or a conventional one.

Some may believe in a fantasy world where everyone on the earth will one day hold hands and write a new advert for cola as they sing by the campfire. But as Machiavelli once wrote, it appears to me more appropriate to consider the real truth of a matter than to be guided by a figment of someone else's imagination. And the truth, the real truth in this world we live in, is that any real leader (Machiavelli would say a leader with virtu) knows that sometimes it is necessary to do something which is not good (and as Kroenig says, launching a military strike against Iran is not what anyone would call a good option), in order to achieve a more lasting peace and security for the wider world.

Sadly, everything we've seen about Barrack Hussein Obama so far tells us that he is not that man.

So where are we all heading? I shudder to think ... Maybe it's time to open up our Bibles and start reading, people.

I suggest beginning with Psalm 83 ...

Source: ynet news (accessed 14:15 GMT 24/12/11).

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