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I am trapped at home while the plumbers tear out more drywall repairing the hot water leak UNDER our slab foundation. The leak has been bypassed and they are now rerouting some some pipes to restore hot water to the rest of the house. Could have been much worse but we are so broke right now, oh well. I see it as contributing to the economy. Call it the official PatriotUSA stimulus plan for our local contractors. BTW, we are not using union plumbers. Around here, most contractors have left as there is little work around here. This plumbing outfit has been here for thirty years and is about the only one worth a darn in this area. They refuse to use union plumbers or let the shop be unionized.

Now to this frightening and sickening post from Gate Of Vienna.

Norway has been reported on before here and it is seldom in a positive light. muslims in Norway have almost free reign to intimidate, use violence and harassment at will in their ever growing enclaves. This article should leave every one of us chilled to the bone with anger. This is what obama and his mussie friends are unleashing here with their pandering to islam and muslims.

This is not just isolated to Norway.

Just think what the outcome might be in these areas if the average citizen could defend himself, legally of course. Most criminals are cowards and if a few of them get killed in the process of committing these crimes the the city might not be lost, after all.


“We Have Lost the City”
Baron Bodissey

The article below is about the apocalyptic level of culturally-enriched violence in Grønland, a district of the city of Oslo. Fjordman sends this background material on the area:

Grønland is only two subway stops from the Parliament, and one from the Central Station, fairly close to the government offices that were bombed by Breivik.

It looks like Karachi, Basra, and Mogadishu all rolled into one. People sell drugs openly just next to the Grønland subway station.

Bloodied in GrønlandIt's not Norway or Europe anymore, except when there is welfare money to be collected. The police have largely given up. Early in 2010 Aftenposten stated that there are sharia patrols in this area, and gay couples are assaulted and chased away. “Immigrant Fatima Tetouani says that ‘Grønland is more Muslim than Morocco.’”

Readers should remember that Aftenposten, which is the largest newspaper in the Oslo region, is normally pro-Islamic and very Multicultural.

Many thanks to Kitman for translating this article from Aftenposten:

Robbery-Victim no. 351, Grønland

Sturla Nøstvik (36) did not suspect any danger when the barrel of a pistol was smashed into his forehead. That was the beginning of fifty minutes of hell as a hostage of the robbers.

The women are being raped at night in Oslo, and the men are robbed more than ever.

In just the past ten years more than 4,000 people have been robbed in the town center and the area of the Grønland police station [an immigrant ghetto]. Most of them are young men. Sturla Nøstvik is robbery-victim 351 from Grønland just from this year, the same period in which around fifty assault-rapes have been reported in Oslo. The robbers play on fear, violence, and severe threats that leave a mark on the victims. Police superintendent Inge Sundeng in Grønland describes them as the “somewhat-forgotten victims”.


The police visited Sturla Nøstvik in the emergency room after the robbery. They told Nøstvik that a gang of robbers had committed many similar robberies in Grünerløkka and surrounding areas in thee past weeks. They told him that everybody should have the right to feel safe, but that they had no way of halting the robberies. “We have lost the city,” they said...

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