The Walker Way-video

This video has flown under the radar for a few days now. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has been one of the leaders in this country who has led the way with hard, tough decisions that the feds are not willing to do or consider. The unions hate Walker (especially the nastiest of them all, the SEIU) as he broke their monopoly on wages and benefits in the state.

We must have LESS government in order to survive.

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October 12th marks the launch of a new media and grassroots campaign aimed at confronting President Obama's "Jobs Plan." With unemployment remaining at record levels, we can no longer rely on the past policies of out-of-control spending and taxation that continue to fail. We must look to leaders the have faced similar economic turmoil, but were able to obtain positive results.

The best example is Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Gov. Walker has led a manufacturing driven jobs recovery with the sector growing at a rate more than double the national average.

These successes are not limited to Wisconsin, however. It is no coincidence that conservative governors lead the top 5 states with highest overall job growth and the top 5 states with highest manufacturing-sector growth (Aug '10- Aug '11). They have proven that jobs can return to America with the right policies and the right leader!

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