A tribute to West Texas-Wyman Meinzer

I am from West Texas, El Paso and this made me oh so homesick. Not os much for the big city(not at all) but the depth of sky, endless colors and textures that you can only find in West Texas.

The music is by Doug Smith and this is just....very well done.

Living in Central Oregon is wonderful except for the little things like good paying jobs, cost of everything(you are pretty much in the middle of nowhere) nothing is close by except the very snobby town of Bend.

Give me wide open sky and endless horizons of the American Southwest, especially West Texas.

You can take me out of Texas but you will never TEXAS out of me!


Wyman Meinzer's West Texas

Thanks to the Last Refuge.

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Nick said...

Two great guys singing about Texas.

Nick said...

You know, I can't understand people who criticise America; seriously, no other country on earth has given us such great music. And that's no small thing - that's a very big deal.

Anyone heard any good Islamic guitarists lately? No? There's a reason for that - shariah law deadens the spirit and stops people from expressing themselves honestly and openly, whether they want to use a pen, or a guitar.