School is a knowledge institution-says NO to muslim prayers at school

Norway has it's hands full with too muslim immigrants and the problems they have caused and will continue to cause.

One high school in Norway has had enough and told these muslim students no, they cannot pray on school grounds during the school day. Poor things have been having to pray in a parking lot, outside in the cold. Awwww...

Just in case there are any islamosympathizers out there, this also goes for the school's employees.

Seems reasonable and logical to me. Banning islam and all muslim immigration altogether would make even more sense.


Muslim students denied high school prayer slot

High school student Ibrahim El Kadi asked if he could pray while at school. “No,” said his principal.

He asked for a quiet prayer area “for all religions” and was quoted the Education Ministry’s official line.

“No one has the legal right to religious practice during working hours, neither employees nor students.”

The denial compelled El Kadi and some 40 other students in “multicultural” Ulsrud High School to protest in mock prayer outside the school’s library. Now they pray in the bitter cold of a nearby parking lot.

The principal, for his part, said he had received complaints from students who felt “excluded” by the prayer. So, he told the Muslim students to leave and stop praying, although recess provided just enough time for prayer.

City schools committee councillor, Torger Ødegaard, told broadcaster NRK that quiet rooms for prayer are not a good idea.

“School is not a religious institution. School is a knowledge institution,” Ødegaard told NRK.

Meanwhile, El Kadi and the Oslo school’s Muslim students said they won’t relent until they have a prayer space.

“We’ll pray out here even if it snows,” said fellow student protester Aslihan Bozkurt.

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