Official PatriotUSA update: light or erratic posting next few days.....

Official PatriotUSA update for week ending 12-03-2011.

Just a quick update: I am getting steroid injections in my lower back tomorrow, six of them. Thursday I get the same in both my shoulders. Just how life is when one is an orthopedic wrecking yard as my brother likes to call me. 

Two spinal fusions and eight shoulder surgeries later........... and now I must have more levels fused and the entire right shoulder joint HAS to be yarded out and replaced, down the road.

I cannot take any time off from work and will need to just tough the week out, feeling like road kill from pain but it could be a whole lot worse!!! So I will need to rest and stay off the computer and try to be a good patient. I usually fail at that last one.

I should be back on board no later than this weekend.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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