New posts coming tonight late tonight!

I am finishing up the three day 'on the road' fun fest from work and will be back at the 'ranch' late today. AJ, the slave owning and hard to please editor, has already informed me that there are plenty of posts to choose from upon my return. I actually get to choose? That remains to be seen.

The region had it first taste of winter last night as we received several inches of snow. Due to the ODM's(other driving morons)my return will be delayed by a least a few hours. Plus in this part of the state clearing the roads of snow and ice are NOT a priority. I am sure the latest budget shortfall notice of an ADDITIONAL 300 million will help out. Oregon has been ruled by liberals for how many years now?

One more stop to update one our field office's of a new program and I am slowly, safely, headed back to our most modest home. No complaints here as we still have one to call our own, sort of.

Back in a few hours.

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