Letter to Allah-from a young muslim woman

This is not too long and really spells out what some of the problems are with islam. It is not perfect or the best poem I have heard but her courage for risking this is unmistakable. She is now a target for those who think women are nothing in islam.

She has a lot of courage for doing this and posting it on YouTube. Her safety will now be at risk as this type of challenge to islam, let alone allah from a WOMAN is a bad way to get yourself killed in a hurry. islam know no other way and is just one of many reasons why it must be defeated.


A letter to Allah:

A troubled young Muslim woman has questions for her god, presented in the form of a poem:

Good for her for using her mind and not accepting blindly what the clerics tell her must be so. Islam desperately needs more like her, if it’s ever to have any hope of reconciling with the modern world.
Then again, Islam does not have a happy tradition of tolerance toward critics, particularly women. I hope she stays safe.

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