“Islamophobia is Patriotism”

This is from a new counterjihadist and I like him, A LOT!

His site is called Tolerant No More and I am 'stealing a couple of his posts. One is from his new site which is now over on WORDPRESS. He started over at BLOGGER but moved to WP. The other post is from his original site. You can find him on twitter @JeffGoneViral.

His site has been added to the blogroll here.

I was sent an alert about Tolerant No MORE by the awesome Ladyraven who has the incredibly forceful and counterjihadist site, Operation YouTube "Islamism" Smackdown. Ladyraven has also become a fast, dedicated friend who has been really kind and patient in badgering me to join Twitter, and teaching me about technology, which I truly loathe. I am the 'evil crazed one' who ran over one cell phone and shot another one, (thankfully, we have the insurance so new phones only cost me $8.00 but I did raise some eyebrows at the local Sprint store when I went in both times with mangled phones and for some reason they did not argue with me especially the phone with .380 bullet hole right through the middle. The Sanyo I use is one tough phone, BASIC and SIMPLE.)

Yeah, I know, I should have taken pictures for here. I did not and just the way it goes.

Back to the posts you are about to read. They are good, really good and that is why I am 'stealing' them. Take a jump on over to both sites, Tolerant No More and Operation You Tube "Islamism" Smackdown.

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New Home Same Mission

My first post from Tolerant No More which is still active. Still applicable and a better understanding for those visiting for the first time.

First, let me say I’m not anti-Muslim. I’m anti-Islam. It’s not a thing of hate, but the ability to analyze the situation and the facts before me. Through a deeper understanding of Islamic history and the Qur’an, combined with the situation of world I can determine the true intentions of what Muslims call: “The Religion of Peace”. I do not by any means consider myself an expert in Islam. I can however, read and research. What I discover on a daily basis, is horrific, vile, disgusting and not in line with what many Imams and Islamic groups in America try to say about Islam (and that alone is a subject I will cover in time). I’m a fairly black and white individual. What the Qur’an says combined with the actions of it’s followers speak for itself. Some people argue that there are peaceful Muslims. I simply don’t know, and frankly, don’t care. It is hard for me to trust ANYONE who follows a religion that permits lying to non-believers to “smooth out differences”. That alone is a serious integrity breach and the Qur’an permits it. Which begs the question. If Islam permits lying, why does the United States pander and capitulate to Muslims on a daily basis. Simply stated, lack of knowledge. Through guilt trip and a general lack of knowledge, the mainstream media and progressive groups have successful fooled the American public away from what I believe are the true intentions of Muslims. If Americans knew the truth they would no longer be tolerant. As Americans we have the right AND responsibility to question what may be a threat to our way of life. Islamophobia is Patriotism.


This is from Tolerant No More's original site over on Blogger. Check it out as well, as there are some excellent posts there.

This is the one that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and gave me chills down my spine. This post speaks directly to the three toxic stews of the West that I am so much against; diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness. Liberals and progressives will tell you this can NEVER HAPPEN HERE. Ask the Jews who survived the holocaust in Germany about that one.

This is what we are looking forward to if we do not defeat islam, for good. (PatriotUSA)



This is a little something I wrote for Conservative Daily News. They are cool people over there so check out the site sometime.

courtesy of http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/
Islamization is one the largest, if not the largest, threat facing the nation today. If you don’t think so, chances are you haven’t done your homework regarding the subject. Don’t be fooled by lack of Muslim violence in the United States, as opposed to Muslim nations, or what you see in Europe.

A thought occurred to me the other day. Why is it that the only country in the world I hear Imams talk of peace is the United States? It is my firm belief that the ONLY reasons are the First and Second Amendments. Americans can say whatever they want about Islam without fear of reprisal. Although it appears that Muslims, in conjunction with their “progressive” partners, are trying to change that. In addition, the Second Amendment is our right to bear arms. So if Muslims, or anyone for that matter, decide to threaten our sovereignty we can defend ourselves. American, you need to wake up and realize what is happening right before your eyes. Do not conform to the political correctness standard. That’s what they did in Europe, especially France. Worked out well for them didn’t it?

I decided to write a “what could happen” piece on what the United States could look like in the not so distant future if we don’t stand up to the threat of Islamization. If it seems far fetched to you, then I encourage you follow the hyperlinks associated to get an idea of what’s happening in the world today.


A typical American family, (what you would’ve considered typical today) is walking down the street. The problem is, things aren’t typical anymore. The family of five moves down the street looking more a tactical military unit than a family. They do so for good reason. Mom and Dad hold the hands of their toddler son and two teenage daughters, moving from building to building with a vigilance born of experience. Dad remembers the days of the entire family climbing in the car for the Sunday morning drive to church. Sometimes the morning routine was peaceful, sometimes not. But, they never had worry about dying on the way. The underground church network has done a good job rotating the meeting place and filtering the message to it’s members.

The Waters family disappeared last week and everyone learned from their mistakes. The O’Niell family’s daughters were kidnapped last month and no one has seen or heard from them since. Everyone knows what probably happened. People had an inkling leading up to this, but we all chose to ignore it. It could never happen in the United States, right? We were supposed to have an airtight Constitution that would protect us from this sort of thing. The Government kept telling us to trust them! That they could make decisions for me, better than I. Additionally, there were the groups like CAIR, who said they protected the rights of all people and religions. And now here we are.

Dad spots them first and moves quickly to get his family to side of the building and out of sight: A gang of about 6 to 9 men and boys of all ages. You know who they are because of their signature head wraps and hats. They stopped pretending to be our friends years ago. Especially after they had control of the local and state governments. When we sit down and really discuss it, we draw the conclusion that it started in Florida. The day that judge ruled Sharia law could be used in a civil dispute. It seemed so insignificant at the time….. It was gradual and hardly anyone even noticed it. Before we realized what happened, they flooded all levels of the federal government. The First Amendment was abolished, followed shortly by the Second. It went down hill from there. Soon all religions, except theirs, were abolished. Everyone who refused to convert was called an infidel, hunted down, and most times murdered. How could this be? I thought this sort of thing only happened in movies and fictional books. They said they represented a religion of peace and tolerance, that they only wanted to live a moral life. One that was pleasing to Allah.

OH NO! They’ve been spotted!! Dad couldn’t get the family to the side of the building fast enough. Like a pack of wolves they move in on the family. Hollering and screaming in English and other languages the message is the same. Mom and Dad are savagely beat to a bloody pulp. Through blood soaked eyes the parents search for their children, they hear the screams. The last thing the parents hear before the fade the black was the son crying and the men arguing over who would get the daughters first. As he lays on the ground unable to move or speak, Dad silently weeps for his family. And amidst the many the many thoughts racing through his head, one of last are……But we were tolerant!

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Addendum: those who made up the false term of islamophobia, actually suffer from a bad case of patriotphobia.