“Islamophobia”, Censorship, and Pedophilia in the Norwegian Media: Fjordman

Here is Fjordman's latest essay that of course, was NOT published in one of the the papers in Norway, in response to the attacks on him.

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“Islamophobia”, Censorship, and Pedophilia in the Norwegian Media

By Fjordman 

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet once again refused to publish one of Fjordman’s replies to the attacks on him. The English translation of the rejected essay is posted below, followed by the original Norwegian.

Fjordman includes this introductory note:
Dagbladet refused to publish this brief essay. They claim that their journalist was only arguing that Heine Fjordland is not intended to make fun of the handicapped, that the essay therefore had nothing to do with me, and that therefore the right to reply does not apply in this case.
The referenced Dagbladet article is here. Fjordman’s original Norwegian text, which is also at the bottom of this post, was previously published at Snaphanen.

Commentator Inger Merete Hobbelstad says that Thomas Seltzer’s talk show Trygdekontoret (The Welfare Office) with its Heine Fjordland character on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) TV taunts right-wing extremists and not the disabled. Dagbladet still hasn’t come up with a good answer as to why people who dislike Islam are to be characterized as right-wing extremists, given that large parts of the population in Europe now look with growing skepticism on the increasing Islamic influence in their countries.

I have for years argued that both the TV license for NRK and the state subsidies available for newspapers should be cancelled. As far as I’m concerned, Seltzer should be allowed to say and make fun of whatever he wants, but I question whether he should receive money directly from the state to finance this.

NRK is dominated by people with sympathies far to the left of the middle. They shouldn’t be allowed to force the country’s general population to finance a paid clown to depict those whom the social democrats see as their ideological enemies as drooling Nazi idiots. In addition to this, Seltzer displays very little creativity. To describe people one doesn’t like as Nazis was already outdated decades ago.

The powerful Yusuf al-Qaradawi issues fatwas saying that it is allowed (halal) to marry children. (See Walid al-Kubaisi’s article “Islam and marriage with minors”.) Muhammed himself married Aisha when she was only six, and consummated the marriage sexually when she was nine years old and he 54. (Bukhari 7.62.64).

This piece of information was recently censored from my essay in VG. The opinion editor Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen gave the following reason for the censorship: “Our stance is that we can’t let allegations that Islam recommends pedophilia be printed in our newspaper.” Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria may have to go to prison for opposing pedophilia, but Norway’s largest national paper cannot write about this case because it would then have to explain that the Sunna of Muhammed allows this.

Will NRK turn out to be better than this? I challenge Seltzer to showing a drooling al-Qaradawi in a wheelchair, telling Muslims that pedophilia is okay. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will dare to do this. One has to wonder why.

 Original essay is here

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