The Iranian threat

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Foreign Confidential is one of the most accurate and dependable sites for news and predictions, period. I have conversed with confidential reporter many times and they have no problem with their posts getting cross posted here. After following FC for several years now, they blow most other sites and blogs away for accuracy and truth. That is not a slam on other sites. I am very picky and cautious about what goes up on Patriot's Corner and get feeds, emails etc from over 90 different sources and that does include some very liberal ones.

Please do your self a favor and read Foreign Confidential.


End the Iranian Threat Before it Ends America

A Foreign Confidential™ Bloggertorial

Iran has or is about to become an existential threat to ... America.

Nuclear-arming Iran and its partner in proliferation, nuclear-armed North Korea, have developed cargo ship-based, concealed and containerized ballistic missile firing systems that could be used to destroy America ... anonymously ... through what is known as an EMP attack, the detonation of an atomic warhead high above the America's heartland in order to instantly wipe out the country's computer-and-electronic-dependent communications and power and thus plunge it back into the 19th Century ... without the resources of that time.

Experts say 90% of the U.S. population would ultimately perish as a result of a sea-launched EMP attack, against which the United States has no known defense. Given that thousands of cargo vessels approach U.S. coastal waters every day, it would be relatively easy for Iran and North Korea (with or without Venezuelan help) to use one or more seemingly civilian ships, flying flags of convenience, to strike the U.S.

For all we know, Iran and North Korea may have already deployed a fleet of such vessels, which could also be used to strike American coastal cities ... anonymously. They could be lurking at sea right now.

Accent on that word--anonymously. There appears to be no deterrent against an anonymous atomic attack on the U.S. The Obama administration has given America's implacable enemies every reason to believe that the government that is supposed to protect the country they long to eliminate would hesitate ... and investigate ... before reacting to a supposedly unthinkable assault. A nuclear bomb blast in New York, Boston, Miami, or Los Angeles? Fact-finding commissions and "healing" ... and quotations from "the Holy Koran" ... would come before bombing on Obama's watch, or so it seems.

In contrast, Israel, which Iran also aims to destroy, is believed to have systems in place that would automatically obliterate Tehran and Qum and Damascus and a number of other suspect cities should a nuclear device of any sort--including a so-called dirty bomb--ever explode inside Israeli territory.

Accent on that term--automatically obliterate.

So much for nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Iran and North Korea are believed to be capable of crippling the U.S. by crashing its power grid through deniable cyberwar attacks.

And the Axis of Evil arsenal probably includes biological weapons--acquired via dual-use biotechnology transfers from Cuba to Iran.

Conclusion: the time has come to end the Iranian threat before it ends America.

As 9/11 again proved, unthinkable stuff happens.

Original article is here.

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