Guess Who is Talking to Iran's Press TV

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Investigative Project on Terrorism

Steven Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism has an interesting article documenting the fact that certain American Islamic groups are being interviewed by Iran's Press TV, that regime's English-language propaganda organ.


Yes, folks; MPAC, CAIR and MAS-all American organizations that proclaim themselves to be moderates, are providing interviews to Press TV. And of course, there is Imam Abdul Alim Musa, a certifiably radical nut case who has graced the UC-Irvine campus on several occasions, courtesy of the UCI Muslim Student Union.

I think the last time I wrote about Musa, he was also being interviewed by Press TV and explaining to them how it was the American government (under Bush, of course) who really carried out 9-11. Even the interviewers were incredulous as they realized they were in the presence of a crazy man.

Yet, it must be asked why so-called "moderate" groups like CAIR, MPAC and MAS would be providing interview time to the Iranian regime's, English-language press organ. Let me give you the answer; it is because they are not moderate. These characters are all connected and intertwined, and anyone who cares to do the research will learn that fact quickly. Of course, Musa would be offended if you called him a moderate. Yet, others who call themselves moderates have appeared on the same stage with him at various events, Muzammil Siddiqi of the Garden Grove, California Islamic Center, for example (October 28, 2000 in Washington DC).

Any thoughtful person must ask why representatives of the above-mentioned organizations would be providing interviews complaining about Islamophobia in America to Iran's press organ. In case you have forgotten, Iran is our enemy. Iran is the country that held our diplomats hostage for over a year. Iran is the country that foments and finances terror world-wide. Iran is the country that shoots its protesters dead in the streets, persecutes Baha'i, and hangs homosexuals. Other than that, it is a swell country.

And these characters are criticizing our country to Press TV? Any sensible person must draw the obvious conclusions.

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