Gary Boisclair's Anti-sharia ad yarded off of Youtube!

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Youtube bans Congressional candidates anti-sharia ad

Google’s Youtube is a well-known pro-jihadi outlet. And Muslims are quickly working to make any discussion of Islam a crime. If you swore to uphold the Constitution – you gots work to do!!!  H/t SheikYerMami 

YouTube removed the video shortly after it was posted for violating the company’s policies.

YouTube doesn’t seem to have a problem with Islamo-prop and with videos that glorify terrorism and beheadings. But when you show the ugly reality of Islam they pull the vids.

“I’d like to thank YouTube for removing the ad because it violated the company’s ‘policy on shocking and disgusting content,’” Ellison wrote in a statement. “The people of Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District elected me to uphold our Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion for every American. I intend to maintain the high level of civility the voters expect and deserve. And, I will continue working with our communities to organize for greater inclusion of people of all faiths and backgrounds.”

No, what is even more disgusting is the violence, persecution and murders that take place under the banner of islam on a daily basis. See the site Religion of Peace for what really happens under islam around the globe, every day. (PatriotUSA)

If the video above gets yanked, go directly to the candidate’s site to view it. http://www.garyinthehouse.com/

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