ESW: The ACT! For America Interview at OSCE

This is right from Gates Of Vienna and I am leaving Baron's opening comments as they are. No need to mess with near perfection.

For those interested there is a link at the end of the post for Henrik Ræder Clausen’s report on the OSCE two-day meeting.


ESW interviews ACT! For America at OSCE

This interview with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was recorded yesterday at the OSCE Human Dimension meeting in Vienna. The interviewer is Bruce Lieske of ACT! for America.

In the interview Elisabeth discusses the history of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and its role (as the CSCE) in bringing down the Communist empire. She points out the irony in the fact that such a dedicated human rights organization is now attempting to suppress free speech in Europe over the issue of “racism” and “Islamophobia”:

Here is the link to Henrik Rader Clausen's report: Report from the Hofburg

Original post from Gates Of Vienna is here

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