"Diversity is Perversity".-Toronto prayer room for only one religion

A multi-faith prayer room in the city of Toronto? Sounds great and a must for all those who swoon over diversity and multiculturalism. This maybe the feel good story of the night!

No such luck as Blazing Cat Fur points out here in a visit to the prayer room. No Christian Cross. No Star Of David, no Bibles or Holy Scriptures. Just a ton of material about islam and of course what else do we find here? A qur'an, of course. Plenty of prayer rugs to go around.

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for doing such a great job exposing this pit of islam.

"I was given a tip by a Toronto cab driver, an Asian man, and a Christian, who emigrated to Canada in order to escape Muslim persecution. He was a graduate of the City of Toronto's Taxi College, which is located at 1530 Markham Rd. In Scarborough.

He asked me to check out the prayer room. As the video illustrates a multi-faith prayer room run by the City of Toronto has been taken over entirely by a single religion - Islam. There are no other symbols belonging to any other religion in that room. This is in city whose motto is "Diversity is our strength" and whose code of conduct preaches about creating "inclusive" and "respectful" environments.

The cab driver was mortified to see that prayer room, it is in no way shape or form inclusive or respectful of others, in fact it's downright threatening to those who suffered at the hands of Muslims in their countries of origin.

Let's change that motto to "Diversity is Perversity".

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