The Daily Catch Videos for 11-26-2011: exposing environazis at Greenpeace, death to the HRC Canada, honor killings in Canada and much more

The Daily Catch Videos for 11-26-2011:

Exposing Greenpeace: "Ezra Levant discusses the hypocrisy and shameless opportunism of environmental organizations like Greenpeace, who fleece credulous citizens while leaving a huge carbon footprint from their jet-set activities and lavish conferences."(Gates Of Vienna intro)

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn discuss potential demise of the Human Rights Commission Section 13 Canada, truth about Keystone Pipeline.

Trying to silence freedom of speech: Brian Lilley defending freedom of speech and 'MANDATORY SENSITIVITY TRAINING' to promote pro-homosexuality education in very young children.

Please read this article after watching above video: Trying to silence freedom of speech

The warning signs that were ignored: Honor killings in Canada; Mohammad Shafia, along with his son and CURRENT WIFE on the honor killing murder of his THREE daughters and his ex-wife, the girl's mother.

Here is the article about this honor killing: Teacher recalls Sahar Shafia for ‘honour killing’ trial: ‘She wished to be free’

Terrorist capital of Russia: Dagestsan.
Watch this video which has been posted up before and then read the story below about Dagetsan.

Here is the article from the BBC which actually does a pretty decent job on this one. The most dangerous place in Europe.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the above videos.


Afghanistan rape victim: Michael Coren and Pamela Geller.

Afghanistan: If you are a rape victim you may be charged as being an ADULTERER.

What happens when you are under the influence of Islam:

Or you fly planes into skyscrapers and kill 3,000 innocent victims.

Banned in Pakistan: Texting Jesus

Remembering Lara Logan: obama's Egypt; Police and security forces sexually assault FEMALE reporter.

More on this shocking story: Journalist Makes Shocking, Graphic Claim of Sexual Assault Against Egyptian Police

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