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One more time, one more processing plant owned and run by Tyson Foods has capitulated to somalian muslims demanding time to pray during their shift. There are 130 muslims who demanded time to pray.

Last Friday, some of them walked off the job when there was a 'misunderstanding due to language.' This was the reason given by Tyson. Do not be fooled one bit. Tyson capitulated to islam and the underlying threat of being sued by the aclu and cair.

"Nur said the Muslim workers in Noel are not asking for special treatment, just the accommodation required by law.

We’re not here asking for what is not our rights,” he said.

Their rights? Once again, the rights of muslims and islam trump everything else. What about the rights of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Mormons and other religions? If I walk off my job, I am fired, end of story. islam, which is not really a religion at all forces itself upon all others. islam is a cradle to grave political ideology. If you have doubts about this then please go to Bill Warner's site called Political Islam. You can find out the truth about islam. The truth that islam and muslims fear.

This is nothing more than jihad or better yet, stealth jihad. Even the most ignorant of people can see through this and come to the conclusion that Tyson caved in, again. That our government, especially under obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus, appeases, grovels and apologizes over and over to  the muslim world. What does this get us? Dead American soldiers and civilians, that is what this gets us.

jihad is jihad period. There is only one goal in islam and that is to have islam be the ONLY 'religion'(which it is not!) all around the world. The establishment of a global islamic caliphate ruled by and through islamic sharia law is what we are talking about here.

Because Tyson Food has repeatedly caved in to islam and the muslims they mistakenly
have hired, I have been boycotting Tyson Foods for the last two years. I hope you will consider boycotting Tyson Foods with me.



Somali workers back on job at Tyson plant
By Josh Letner/The Joplin Globe

NOEL, Mo. — A group of about 130 Somali workers were back on the job Tuesday at the Tyson Foods chicken plant in Noel after discussions ironed out what company management says was a misunderstanding likely created by a language barrier.

The workers had left the plant Friday in what was said to be a perceived dispute with plant managers regarding prayer time for the workers, who are Muslims.

Abdinasir Ahmed, one of the workers, said the walkout took place after a group of 23 Muslim workers were told they would not be allowed time to pray. He said a plant official also was disrespectful of their religion, and that other workers joined the walkout when they heard what had happened.

In a statement released Tuesday, Tyson spokesman Worth Sparkman said the company official said she was not disrespectful. “The walkout was the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding we believe was rooted in language differences.”

The Muslim faith is centered on The Five Pillars of Islam, or five basic acts that exist as a framework for worship. The second pillar, known as Salat, requires the faithful to pray at five specific times throughout the day: just before dawn, mid-day, afternoon, at sunset and in the evening. For devout Muslims, adherence to the Salat is obligatory.

Eric Hudson, an employee at Noel’s African grocery store, said he lived and worked among the Somali community for years in Colorado, and now in Missouri.

“Religion is the most important thing in these people’s lives,” he said.

Hudson said many Somali refugees are recent arrivals to the U.S., but many more have lived in the country since the early 1990s when civil war began in their country. The U.S. State Department currently regards Somalia as a failed state.

He said most of the Somalis he has talked to say they like their jobs and feel that Tyson is a good employer. He said the recent tensions have only existed for about a month.

Ahmed said he has worked at the plant for three years, and has been allowed prayer time until a new management team recently took over. Another 24-year-old worker, Bazi Nur, also said that the environment at the plant had changed when the new management team arrived.

In another statement this week, Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson said: “Our Noel management team includes a few new people who joined the operation a couple of months ago. However, the plant’s efforts to provide religious accommodation have not changed.”

In a telephone interview, Mickelson said none of the Muslim workers who walked out Friday were fired, and that Tyson brought a Somali interpreter from another plant to address any language barrier that may arise between management and the workers.

“We are a company that strives to be faith friendly, and, as required by federal law, have already been providing religious accommodation to workers at the Noel plant,” he said. “However, in this case, a group of workers involved asked that they all be allowed to take a prayer break at the same time.”

Mickelson says that allowing 130 workers to pray at the same time would put an undue hardship on the company’s operation.

Ahmed and Nur dispute the contention that the Muslim employees requested simultaneous prayer time.

islam's way
“We submitted a request that each worker get time to pray one at a time,” Nur said.

Ahmed said discussions between company officials and local workers lasted until 8 p.m. Monday. He said workers returned to the plant Tuesday under a temporary agreement that allows for individual prayer breaks.

Nur said the Muslim workers in Noel are not asking for special treatment, just the accommodation required by law.

“We’re not here asking for what is not our rights,” he said.

Hat tip: Creeping Sharia.

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