Why I have been away.....Update

My deepest apologies for having to be away for a few days and sadly this involves my friends, Scott and Vanessa.

I am sure may of you recall what has happened to these dear folks and the latest is not good news at all.

Early Saturday morning Vanessa suffered another bad stroke and a heart attack. She was rushed back to the hospital and has been in ICU ever since. Most of my time has been spent with them, especially Scott. Vanessa is conscious and aware of her surroundings.
She is stable and they may need to try and do roto-abaltion on a couple of her arteries to open them up. For a weakened patient such as Vanessa, this procedure is fraught with complications.

Early Monday I had to drive to far eastern Oregon to help set up a new lab for testing and just got back late tonight. Suffice it to say, I am totally wiped out, burnt to a crisp. Tomorrow is my long day at work. Snivel.....

Figured I should post an update as I know many are praying for Vanessa and Scott, and they appreciate every prayer.

I will get some posts up tonight and a couple of these are a few days old but are important news and I need share my insights.

Thanks and please keep praying. He hears every prayer and my friends sure can use the support

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