Randy California

Back in my Jack Kerouac days I used to put on my rucksack and head off around Europe whenever I had time off from my work. On one of those backpacking trips I ended up sleeping out in a park in the middle of Luxembourg City, real dharma bum stuff or so I thought at the time, before heading into Germany and exploring the wonders and delights of German beer. I was into drinking in those days as well. Nowadays I'm older, and hopefully wiser; at any rate I don't drink any more and if I go on a trip nowadays, which is very seldom, I do what normal people do and book into a hotel!

Back in the mid-80s it was a big deal to have a Walkman: mp3 players and iPods weren't even a twinkle in Steve Jobs' eye. As I travelled around Europe I had a soundtrack going on; several albums that I'd listen to over and over; and when I hear them today remind me of those days. One of those albums was by Randy California, the guitar player and singer with the band Spirit.

Here's one of the songs from that great album:

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