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This is cross posted from Vlad Tepes and if you are able to send anything to help Fjordman. PLEASE DO SO! It is time for us to help out one of the best who has given us so much.

Some of you may know Fjordman from his most excellent writings and essays. I have read many of them and he does an awesome job of reporting and writing. Fjordman has tackled many subjects that others would not touch in a thousand years.

Fjordman was falsely accused of what occurred in Norway this past summer and it has cost him dearly. He now finds himself without a job, a home, a computer and without a country.

If you can help out please go to Vlad Tepes blog and donate there. The post from VT is below. Be sure to include a note so your donation will be sure to get to Fjordman.

Yes, I will be sending a donation to Fjordman.



A chance to help out Fjordman
October 9, 2011 by Eeyore

My dearest readers of Vlad T

Peder Jensen, the blogger known as Fjordman, has been forced from his home and his life as it was, due to absurd and frankly, even impossible assertions over what took place in Oslo this year. As a result, a man who has given us, most especially perhaps me as I have been very inspired and influenced by his excellent and lucid essays and analysis, finds himself needing a little help from us.

Below, a few words he wrote on the matter. But if you can please all find it in your hearts and wallets to use the donate button at the top of the page at Vlad and give a few dollars to Fjordman to help him through a time where it has become much harder to have a normal job for reasons you will, I’m certain, all understand, and put a note in the donation that this money is intended for him, I will see to it that he gets it right away.

I hope many of you can help him out. Fjordman really has sacrificed a lot, and more than I can say here in fact.

Eeyore for Vlad


Hello from Peder Jensen alias Fjordman. I will continue writing under one name or the other and hope to publish several books in the next year and a half, but after the Breivik case in Norway, which I got mixed up in against my will, I no longer have a job and I am also moving out of my old flat in Oslo, which I already left weeks ago. There are always some costs involved in moving to a different location and creating a new life somewhere else. If you have enjoyed some of my essays in the past I would be grateful if you donated a few bucks this time. Think of it as a Fjordman Relocation Fund. Just mark the donations as being for me and I will get it via Vlad’s fine website.

Thank you, and thank you for all the support and kind words I get from long-time readers.


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