Official PatriotUSA Update

Just a quick note that I will be back late tonight with new posts, new videos in a new 'The Daily Catch Videos.'

I have been out of town for work starting the process of setting up new sites for the assessment program I administer and trying to help my friends Scott and Vanessa, as much as I can.

Please stayed tuned for more late tonight.....Thanks for being faithful to PC!

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Findalis said...

No problem. Awaiting your updates dripping wet in the Sukkot.

Nick said...

Glad to hear you've been keeping busy; I have been thinking about your friends Scott and Vanessa and how you're trying your best to help them in an extremely difficult situation. I've been doing some reading lately, & I'm hoping to maybe have one or two articles for Patriot's Corner at some point. In the meantime, best wishes,

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks Nick,
I will be contacting you in the next day and I appreciate your contributions more than I can express here!!!!!!!