The call of Marxism across America

I have been watching the occupy now protests that have spread across our country with ever increasing worry and disgust. The was a mini version of this garbage down the road in Bend, Oregon which is rapidly becoming a wallow for all things libtarded, and worse. It is becoming overrun with dopes like the one you are about to read about.

Here is an example: I was at World Market purchasing coffee as it is a good deal these days and it is pretty decent coffee. Three things I am a bit snobby about, coffee, beer and cigars. As I was waiting in line to pay for my purchase the guy behind asked why I did not buy the 'Fair Trade' coffee. He was obviously from the left side of life as he was proudly wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt, had on one of those nasty, saggy wool caps that are very 'hip' right now, decorated with a code pinko, obama, and a co-exist button. How touching. I answered him that it was really none of his business. He then sneered at his uber hairy and equally bad smelling 'girl' friend and remarked "another tea party racist for sure." I turned around and grabbed him by his shirt and explained to him that 1) this coffee was a much better buy than the 'fair trade' and I have a job, produce work for the betterment of people who are unemployed and contribute to society in my small ways. 2) I have a family to support and finding the best bargains are absolutely a necessity for the survival of my family. 3) I DO NOT give a damn about coffee farmers in another country and that I do give a big damn about the people of the United States first and foremost. 4) I asked him if he had a job, had every had a real job or were he and his really foul smelling 'lady' friend just far left losers who sponged off us taxpayers or was he a trust fund baby? I did not wait for any answers and let him go, paid for my coffee and left. I did wait for them to leave the store and calmly told him that he had come extremely close to getting the tar beat out of him, and I finished by telling him what I thought about the first muslim illegal alien potus and code pinko. I watched to see what they drove off in and of course it was an almost new Prius with a University of Oregon sticker and parking permit on the bumper. That explained most of this run in with a libtard.

Now back to the subject of this post, the occupy now protests.

What you are going to read below is an excellent analysis of these marxist losers that are spreading across the USA faster than the latest influenza strain. The fact that many unions, big time Hollywood celebrities, and other dregs from the landfills of the left are joining these protests are very troubling to me and many others. I have not posted anything on these losers as it has been well covered by many fine bloggers and of course now the LSM is jumping in, as has the mullah in the White House who 'feels their pain.' How completely sickening.

As this article mentions, these protesters are bait. How many of them hold real jobs or are NOT elements of the radical left that hate the United States just like the mullah obamaham does. 

Read on for more and please share this one.


The “Occupy Now” Protests across the country
By Lyle J.Rapacki P.H.D.


1. The current protests in multiple cities Nationwide have spread since their beginning 3-weeks ago at Wall Street in New York. What began as a “Day of Rage”in one city has morphed into “Occupy Now” currently in a dozen cities, and spreading. The Wall Street contingency went from a couple of hundred participants to over 2,000 in the same time frame, and that number is likewise growing. Similar reports from other cities show the same pattern of enthusiasm; albeit, in smaller cities the numbers are still in the dozens to hundred range.

2. I already reported in an earlier briefing that unions like the AFL-CIO, SEIU, ACORN, The New Party, The DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, TIDES, have been contributing monies, food, supplies, and workers to support these protests. This continues with additional unions joining, as well as Hollywood celebrities. Now, political heavy weights on the left, Congressmen Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi have come out publicly in support of these protests. At the larger sites there are protesters who have come prepared to create disturbances for media attention as well as to “punish” any and all who attempt to quell these slow boiling disturbances. A fair number of protesters have been “schooled in civil unrest.” They actually have attended classes to learn tactics for just such an occasion. Among law enforcement it is known these schools exist.

Officers report: the demonstrators will not bathe for weeks which creates a horrible smell you can not imagine unless you have worked such an event; some will put dog or human feces in their pockets to make police searches as obnoxious as possible; they will partake liberally of codeine, or other pain killers ahead of time in order to blunt the pain, or better resist any police attempt at physical control or handcuffing.

They are schooled how to scream, kick, writhe and resist wildly at any touch by a police officer; this action plays well in front of cameras and gains sympathy. They are taught to spit, curse vile words and personal verbal attacks, use rocks, and other “less-than lethal” means.

3. The current “Occupy Now” demonstrations are the beginning, the first round in what is to come. These multiple city demonstrations, in essence, are “practice runs” for even larger and more disruptive demonstrations; I am talking the likes of Greece, England, and Spain. These demonstrations will grow in intensity and hostility, and the participants are willing to be jailed. The leaders and organizers of the current demonstrations are practicing non-traditional communication, polishing tactics and logistics, and working on recruitment techniques. Of concern: “satellite riots” and “riots for fun and profit” are a very real possibility. These types of unrest stem from gangs and crooks who organize and “swarm” a business district or set of shops or mall smashing windows, looting stores, challenging police for sport. They have no cause, other than how much damage can they achieve, and how many items for profit can they obtain. The current demonstrations are also costing cash-strapped cities additional money in police department overtime.

4. “We are in crisis and the people at the top are not!” This cry is beginning to resonate throughout these current demonstrations Nationwide. Protesters are shouting: “We have no homes, no jobs, no money, but those at the top have all of these things – and more!” Common ground is now being found by and between the Radical Left and Socialists of varied stripes and conservatives, even members of the Tea Party! This last statement is concerning insofar as conservative patriots who otherwise would not be within a mile of a socialist event are being induced to join the “Occupy Now” movement. Issues of corrupt politics, corrupt corporate practices, corrupt economic policies that have clearly enriched the few at the expense of the many are extremely attractive entices. There is a ring of truth to the cries from those who have lost their savings, jobs, careers, industry, and have noticed how Elites in Washington and Wall Street are richer on the backs of American victims, and the organizers of these protests know full-well how to manipulate the emotions and psychology of people.

Make no mistake these protests are an attempt to crush the free enterprise system of America; to destroy the capital markets, and to promote class warfare. Punishment for anyone successful, take from some and give to all, share in the good fortune of those who have become financially successful are the call of the day…in essence, the call of Marxism is appearing rampant across America.

5. Ron Paul supporters have joined the crowds hollering for the destruction of The Federal Reserve. While some of the arguments being espoused have merit, they must be seen for what they are; namely, bait to bring in conservatives and those people who respect the foundations of our Republic. By seducing those folks into this Radical Marxist movement the Communist Agenda continues to move forward if not picks-up speed. “A House Divided Cannot Stand.” A very sophisticated, calculated, devious and diabolical plan is at work in these demonstrations; a seduction into class warfare and the loss of civility which will have a ruinous effect on our Nation. The fact that a psychological operation is at work here with ties to the White House and current occupant makes these matters all the more troubling.

Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst
FBI InfraGard-Arizona
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