About those head coverings of islam: A hazard to health and welfare

The compulsion to follow the rules and dictates of islam really can put muslims at risk. Couple these with a lack of common sense and being brainwashed from birth like many muslims are, and accidents like the ones below happen quite often and are almost never reported on.

Wearing ANY long, loose, baggy, flowing clothing or head wear and operating any machinery can lead to serious, sometimes fatal injury. When you think about this it does come down to common sense or a lack thereof.

Just more examples of why islam is a hazard to one's health and welfare.


Demin Zawity
Muslim Junior ROTC Student Wants to Wear Head Cover With Uniform

Fox News: Now it is a muslim student in an ROTC class whining that SHE is being singled out and discriminated against which is completely, NOT TRUE.

The army has told this student, Demin Zawity, of Brentwood, Tenn to remove her hijab to comply with the rules and attend the Homecoming march or return gym class.She complained along with her parents, and of course cair stated that this was an 'unwise policy.'

Unwise? No it is not an unwise policy and the muslims here are trying to compare this to the Jewish head covering, the yarmulke which can worn UNDER or covered by proper military head gear. The hijab, simply put cannot be covered by military head gear. muslims are still free to participate in all ROTC functions and events. They are discriminating against themselves by choosing not to conform to U.S. military policy and wearing their head covering(s).

"We were practicing all week and the day before the parade he pulled me over to the side and said that I couldn't march," Demin recalled, speaking of her senior officer. "I wanted to break down and cry right there, but I held it in and went into stoic mode."

But Demin’s family feels she is being discriminated against, and has reached out to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is calling on the school district and the Department of Defense to change a policy that it says "effectively bars a Muslim student from participating in the class."

"It's an unwise policy,” CAIR staff attorney Gadeir Abbas said. “It's acceptable for a Jewish student to wear his yarmulke under his uniform hat. The regulations already reflect that there are religious obligations among members."

"A yarmulke can be covered by military headgear," said Lt. Col. Matthew Hackathorn, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Cadet Command who further stated that regulations don't issue a ban on religious garb unless it is exposed or covers the uniform.

"She said her daughter has been "stressed" by the whole incident and now has no intention of returning to JROTC --even if she is allowed to wear the hijab."

She has no intention of returning? Too bad and it is no loss in my opinion. If Demin is refusing to follow this rule and military policy then she has business to be in the military, period. Being unable to follow this policy then what comes to mind is what else will she bitch and snivel about in the future?

There is no religious discrimination here because islam is NOT a religion. It is a cradle to grave politcal ideology that robs the individual of freedom and freedom of thought. islam and the majority of muslims seem to want to have it their way or else they will sue us to death. They refuse to comply with what or how the United States lives under American society.The refuse to follow our laws or assimilate into our society. This is another form of jihad and another way to attack us from the inside out.

The complete story is here and keep reading for another example of islamic head covering stupidity.


Killer mixer?
Hijabi almost strangled to death after headscarf caught in dough mixer

Safety second. via Life-threatening injuries after headscarf caught in mixer – General News – Austrian Times Online News – English Newspaper.

A woman almost got strangled when her headscarf got caught in a dough mixer.

The 21-year-old woman worked a dough mixing machine in a tent at a party in Vienna’s Krieau on Saturday night when her headscarf was caught in the running machine, strangling her by the throat.

A passer-by noticed the accident and cut the headscarf with a knife, saving the woman. She suffered life-threatening injuries but meanwhile is on the way of recovery, the doctor treating her said.

Flashback to many instances of hijabi whining in the U.S., but most recently at Rye Playland in New York where a brawl ensued over park rules forbidding head gear of ANY kind. Occasional commenter here Abigail Esman covered some important points in her Forbes piece:

…not only is the hijab not mandated by Islam, but it is outlawed in some Muslim countries, including Syria and – until recently – Turkey. Moreover, headscarf bans in the West do not (all protestations aside) deny Muslims the right to practice their religion; their freedom to pray, to worship, to congregate, is in no way affected by matters of mere dress (a fact that no lesser man than Kemal Ataturk well understood). Yet even were the hijab a requirement of the faith, I can’t help but wonder: if these girls are so observant and religious that they find it necessary to cover their heads in modesty, what on earth were they doing in an amusement park with a bunch of boys, and no parental guardian along? No Muslim girl that conservative has any business being in such a position; that’s the entire point of the scarf in the first place. Beyond this, of course, is the nature of the reasoning behind the rule: to save lives. Are these young women so devoted to their religion that they are willing to risk their own lives and the lives of others just to keep a schmatte on their heads?

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