The police shame themselves on 9-11-2011 in Englandistan

This is right from Gates Of Vienna and I am adding nothing.



How Do You Sleep?
By Baron Bodissey

Mujahideen carrying the black flag of jihad converged on the American embassy in London last Sunday. They announced the supremacy of Islam. They promised that democracy in Europe and the USA would be abolished and sharia would replace it. Their activities were aided and protected by Metropolitan Police.

Volunteers from the English Defence League arrived carrying the flag of St. George and the Union Jack. They planned a counter-protest in support of traditional British values and culture. Their actions were in solemn respect for the 3,000 people killed on 9-11. The police responded by reading them a Section 14 and forcibly removing them from the area.

It makes you wonder which side the Metropolitan Police are on.

The EDL has posted this video message directed at the police officers who protected the mujahideen so diligently at Grosvenor Square on September 11, 2011:

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