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Some of you regular readers of PC might have noticed a new widget and link on the right hand side bar towards the top. If you did, congratulations! If you did not well here is your chance to check out an awesome site that is DEDICATED to exposing nasty, violent, lying, foul and hateful jihadi videos posted on islamosympathyzing YouTube.

jihad SMACKDOWN of the day.

I am going to try and post the link here in a daily post so you can flag the daily offensive jihadi video from here, or better yet sign up your site or get this sent to your own email address. I have been in contact with a couple of very fine folks who are the drivers of this most noble and worthy task of attacking the imposition of islam and sharia law through videos on YT.

As Zenster, a good friend so aptly said this in regard to islam: "I cannot tell you how much that realization only steeled my resolve to see Islam dismantled in my lifetime."

I wholeheartedly agree with Zenster and will do all I can to foster and witness the complete and total destruction of islam and sharia law within my lifetime.

I also implore all of you to check out these other great sites as they are also part and parcel of the counterjihad; Quoth The Raven and Flippin the raya.

Just so you know Flippin and Quoth The Raven do A LOT through Twitter and I may be joining the fray in TwitterLand if I can master the 'simple art' of tweeting which remains to be seen. Being one of the most inept of morons when it comes to all things 'new technology' I have my doubts and I cannot afford data service on my very simple cell phone nor can I afford to upgrade to a new fancy 'smart phone.' I have a lot of hatred towards cell phones in general( No, I am not going on a rant about cell phones here but it was a close call!) and I am guilty of shooting one cell phone and running over another one, both on purpose, and both were replaced under the insurance plan. I have had my current phone for almost two years, a record for me. I did have my small pistol out the other night and came VERY CLOSE to offing my current phone when the editor badgered me into another very late night walkies. He is so demanding! It was around 1:30 A.M., someone dared to call me that late and it was someone I did not know. Made my a bit grumpier than normal.

Enough about my very bad temper and technology. 

Please check out these other sites and join us in fighting the scourges of our time, islam and sharia law. It is easy to join us and instructions are at the end of the post.


We are counterjihad
jihadi SmackDown of the Day plus a bit from the last few days!

Please flag as:Violent or Repulsive Content Supports Terrorism zarqawy - by snokr

Please flag as:
Violent or Repulsive Content Supports Terrorism

Please flag as:Violent or Repulsive Content; Supports Terrorism

Do you want to help fight the cyber-GWOT?

You can, and best of all it's easy! Help YouTube SMACKDOWN remove jihadi recruiting videos from YouTube.

We know how valuable your time is, so we've made it simple. All you need to do is subscribe to this feed and flag ONE video a day.

   Please read these instructions before SMACKING DOWN...

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