"Live to Die (for virgins in the sky)" Video banned on YT

Unfortunately, this video was banned from YouTube.

The irony here is that this video was too controversial for YouTube. But of course you can find all kinds of videos about Hamas, Taliban songs, and the teachings of the radical imam and terrorist inspiration Anwar al Awlaki. Sort of makes you wonder whose side Google/YouTube is on, doesn’t it?

NO. it is quite clear who side YouTube and Google is one and it is NOT the side we are on.

Link to video is here.

Hat Tip from Creeping Sharia.

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Zenster said...

Excellent video. It is required viewing for all who are stupid enough to think that Islam is "The Religion of Peace".

Keep up the good work.

Stogie said...

Great vid. I embedded it and gave you credit.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you and very much appreciated.

Video is a must for any and all who think they islam or not.

BTW Zenster; Your articles you sent me are outstanding and I will respond to you in a private communication. :)