Herman Cain would prosecute Cair, Muslim brotherhood and others

Like him or not, Herman Cain sees the threat of islam and is bold enough to speak out.
While he has only a slim chance at best to win the GOP nomination, this man has a future in politics.

Maybe one day we will see Allen West and Herman Cain running together.

I guess I am a racist and terrorist as both these men are black and I am just a white guy.

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latitude38 said...

a west/cain ticket ? not so far-out as most people would think. both men represent a no-knocks-no-nonsense-common sense approach to politics as well as what is best for america. the vast majority of american's bought into a hope and change message that obama had promised them. however we received not only more politics as usual but the back-room deals and total disregard for the constitution has put a new dimension in under-handed dealing and dealing, making richard "i am not a crook" nixon's dirty tricks look minor-league in comparison .obama has not only circumvented the constitution that he was sworn to uphold but as done criminal acts to the american public as well. yes a allan west/herman cain would not only restore what is best about america and it's values, but neither man owes any allegiance to anyone having proven themselves on their own merit.they represent the hope and change that the american public really want not the broken promises made by others, as they represent american values of hard work , self determination and a promise of making a better future for the average working man and woman, yes, i like the sound of a west/cain ticket more and more

david7134 said...

I think Perry showed his colors, or at least a portion of them with the last debate. The result will ultimately put him out of contention (I am not a fan of his). Cain's star seems to be rising and will be helped with Obama pulling the race card. I know my wife doesn't have any use for any of the Rep front runners but seems inclined to Cain. She has a very good way of understanding what the average person wants and when she indicates someone is a potential winner, I listen.