Fanning the flames of hatred of America and against the Jews: Geroge Soros

One cannot emphasize enough the dislike I have for George Soros and all that he has done in the past and present to ensure the hatred of Jews, Israel, America and American Exceptionalism. This nasty, far left JINO and pig is using his wealth and power to smear not only the above mentioned but he is now ramping up his attacks on those of us who are supposedly spreading 'islamophobia, especially from here in the United States. It is bad enough that Soros has funded the likes of the hate filled group 'J Street' and his group called Center for American Progress which is NOT about anything that resembles real progress in America unless you agree with this socialist pig traitor who really hates America and all the good that this country has done.

Instead of blaming the real culprit and guilty party that is responsible for the spread of islamophobia,  standing with REAL Americans on this most sacred of days, September 11, 2001, Soros and his traitorous cabal are fanning the flames of hatred of America, Jews, Israel and those of us in the counterjihad throughout the muslim world. Those on the far left and in the muslim world are eating up every lie that Soros spews.

There is no one to blame for islamophobia except many muslims and the non-stop atrocities that occur on a daily basis throughout muslim world, committed by the blood stained hands of those who follow islam.

The seeds of islamophobia were planted by the pervert and pedophile mohammad in 672. When he turned islam into a sick cult of subjugation, persecution, hating women, minorities, all other TRUE religions and started the murder of over 270 million innocent people, which has yet to stop. islamophobia will be with us until islam is relegated to the pits of hell, where it truly belongs. Soros and his ilk need to buried there, right along with islam. What is truly sad is that there are so many in this country that not only agree with him, but they gladly contribute to his sick cause to tear this country apart.


Soros releases report slamming U.S. Islamophobia
By Jim Kouri

One of the authors of this Soros-CAP report was interviewed by Al-Jazeera's Samer Allawi, who is now in custody in Israel facing allegations that he's a covert agent of Hamas.

As the U.S prepares to acknowledge the 9-11 10th Anniversary, multi-billionaire financier George Soros released a report that claims a conservative cabal of groups and individuals are Islamophobic and the 9-11 memorials are more about hatred for Muslims than commemorating the killing of close to 3,000 Americans by radical Islamists.

Soros calls these Americans, most of whom are conservatives, Fear Incorporated.

The Soros group known as the Center for American Progress (CAP) is deliberately attempting to take attention away from events in the U.S. that are in progress to commemorate the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, and focus that attention on claims of Muslim-bashing by members of counterterrorism think-tanks, terrorism analysts and some members of the news media such as Fox News Channel.

According to Cliff Kincaid of *Accuracy in Media, the Soros-funded group, Media Matters, ran parts of the Soros-CAP report, emphasizing the “role played by right-wing media” such as Fox News in supposedly fanning the flames of "Islamophobia."

In order to promulgate Soros' anti-American, pro-Islamist propaganda, CAP has made certain to garner the coverage of foreign propaganda organizations such as Al-Jazeera TV and Iranian Press TV, a government-controlled news media channel.

Press TV is as anti-Israel as they get, according to Kincaid. The channel frequently blames Jews and Israel for just about everything that goes wrong in the world, such as the bombing of a Coptic Christian church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria earlier this year which left 21 people killed and another 80 Muslims and Christians wounded.

"Without any evidence, Press TV blamed the Israeli intelligence service and a “Zionist” plot. Most experts said al-Qaeda or an affiliate was responsible," states Kincaid.

Another Soros-financed group -- “Think Progress” -- claims that the Soros-CAP report’s authors have appeared on CNN.com, Al Jazeera English, Current TV, Guardian.co.uk and have done radio interviews. It says that print media outlets such as The Jewish Daily Forward, The Atlantic, Salon.com, The Washington Post and The Nation ran articles on the report’s findings. What was omitted is the fact that all of the news organizations giving CAP and Soros favorable attention are left-of-center operations arguably in bed with the radical left including President Barack Obama.

One of the authors of this Soros-CAP report was interviewed by Al-Jazeera's Samer Allawi, who is now in custody in Israel facing allegations that he's a covert agent of Hamas.

Some of the most favorable coverage of the Soros-CAP came from Mauri’ Saalakhan, director of the Peace through Justice Foundation in Washington, D.C., who claimed the report revealed “who benefits from the demonization of Islam and Muslims through propaganda campaigns that are well funded.”

David J. Rusin, director of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum, has noted that Iran Press TV frequently uses Muslim Americans, especially officials of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), to promote the notion that life in America is a nightmare for Muslims.

According to AIM's Kincaid, an Al-Jazeera story about “Fear Incorporated” was written by M.J. Rosenberg, described as a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters. His story was titled, “Who funds Muslim-baiting in the US?”

One of the Iranian Press TV stories about the report ran under the headline, “US Empire foments Islamophobia.”

Accuracy in Media's editor Cliff Kincaid pointed out that:

The CAP report made much of the claim that seven conservative-oriented foundations gave $42.6 million to “Islamophobia think tanks” between 2001 and 2009. But CAP’s income in one year alone, according to Guide Star, which monitors public policy groups, was $38,600,935. The latest annual income of the Center for American Progress Action Fund was reported as $8,966,943.

So this means that CAP’s money surpassed the think tanks it attacks in the report by about $5 million in one year alone.

The CAP report, based on “a grant from the Open Society Foundations,” which are funded by Soros, used information from one Jim Lobe, a frequent contributor to Al-Jazeera and Washington, D.C. correspondent and chief of the Washington bureau of Inter Press Service (IPS), described as “journalism and communication for global change.” I

IPS is supported by the United Nations, foreign governments, and the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, as well as the Soros-funded Open Society Institute. Lobe’s rhetoric was reflected in the CAP report and his work was cited therein.

While CAP’s authors may try to deny that they intended to single out Jewish-American support for educational activities exposing radical Islam, that was one of the messages taken away not only by conservative writers but Iranian Press TV. It wanted its international audience to know that CAP was going after conservative Jews.

With this report, the Soros-funded CAP played into the hands of international propaganda networks and regimes hostile to the U.S. It cannot be seen as accidental, according to AIM.

Jim Kouri, CPP, the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

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MSMII said...

Another debate is coming on Capitol Hill. This one relates to withholding funds from the United Nations. The UN has become an inept, impotent organization at best and a purveyor of rape and other crimes at worst. Why should the US pay for an organization that trades Food for sex with underage girls, is a network of pedophiles, cannot decide on a final definition of terrorism, cannot keep its own members (who have sworn to uphold and defend the sanctity of life) from slaughtering their own citizens (Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, China, need I continue?), and regularly votes AGAINST US interests and resolutions?


HermitLion said...

Truly, Soros is one of the most vile villains in the world today.