The vile and most foul David Cameron slams the EDL and true English patriots

Cameron slams the EDL in Parliament.

The Prime Minister of England, David Cameron has lowered himself to being no better than the hooligans and criminals who participated in the latest English riots.

Cameron has made a total and complete fool of himself and is an embarrassment to England. Read and listen for yourself.

Thanks to Baron at Gates Of Vienna.


David Cameron [Deprecated]
By Baron Bodissey 
I mentioned yesterday the astonishingly vile language used by British Prime Minister David Cameron to describe the English Defence League.

It was not just that a sitting Prime Minister would utter those words before his colleagues in the House of Commons, although that was enough to make one’s gorge rise. Nor was it his eagerness to so describe an organization of British patriots who are largely decent and law-abiding, and simply wanted to protect their communities.

No, the flabbergastingness of it all was the comparison between honest native English people and riotous thugs of foreign origin, with the former “deprecated” against the latter:

Listen for yourself to what the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had to say about some of Queen Elizabeth’s most loyal subjects:

For those of you who have trouble running videos, or who prefer text, the transcript below is from Column 1086 of the official parliamentary record for August 11, 2011:

Clive Efford (Eltham) (Lab): For the past two nights in my constituency, I have had a very heavy police presence, owing to right-wing extremist groups focusing on Eltham and trying to create unrest and bad feeling between different racial groups. Although we want to support people who are public-spirited and come out to defend their communities, as some of my constituents have done, will the Prime Minister join me in asking those people not to be diverted from their efforts by those extremists who seek to exploit the situation?

The Prime Minister: The hon. Gentleman speaks not only for his constituents, but, frankly, for the whole House in deprecating the English Defence League and all it stands for. On its attempt to say that it will somehow help to restore order, I have described some parts of our society as sick, and there is none sicker than the EDL.

“[T]here is none sicker than the EDL.”

Consider the implications of that statement. According to the Prime Minister, members of the EDL must be at least as sick as:

The “youths” who viciously broke a young man’s jaw, and then pretended that they were helping him up and tending to him while another thug robbed his backpack.

The young arsonists who took delight in torching businesses and public buildings in numerous English cities.

The thugs who deliberately ran down and killed three men with their car.

The criminals who forced their victims to strip to their underwear so that they could be robbed of everything they had.

The violent predators who invaded private homes to wreck and ransack the premises, forcing the residents to flee to neighboring homes for refuge.

All of these vicious acts, and many more of an equally evil nature, occurred during the recent riots in London and elsewhere — which were the issue that the Prime Minister was addressing. And he would have his listeners believe that the English Defence League is “sicker” than those people.

Mere words are insufficient to convey the loathing that any truly impartial observer must necessarily feel for Prime Minister David Cameron.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In his answer, Mr. Cameron said he was “deprecating the English Defence League”.

When computer programmers describe a program or procedure that has been superseded by more efficient and less bug-riddled replacement, they say that it is now “deprecated”. In the library indexes of open-source functions, you’ll see [deprecated] after the names of procedures whose purposes can now be more reliably accomplished through newer versions.

It’s time to deprecate David Cameron. There are other, more reliable British citizens who can perform his functions at least as well as he does, and will not trigger catastrophic errors when they are activated.

From now on, I suggest to my colleagues in the UK that they refer to their prime minister as:

“The Rt. Hon. David Cameron [deprecated]”


Here is the rebuttal from the EDL 

No Mr Cameron, It’s You Who Are Sick

By Brian of London

Yesterday, in Parliament, after MP’s were hastily recalled from their exotic holidays for emergency “jaw jaw” following the worst rioting England has seen for decades. Over a thousand of the scummiest criminals around have been arrested, with hundreds more expected to follow. Rioters attacked police, burnt down businesses and homes (some with people still inside), violently mugged innocent people, stole tens of millions of pounds worth of goods and even killed people. Yet David Cameron, the supposed ultimate representative of the public, chose to lie and attack the EDL.
In a hate filled speech full of inaccuracies, he stated,
“I think the honourable gentleman speaks not only for his constituents but quite frankly for the whole house in deprecating the EDL and all they stand for – and their attempt to somehow say that they’re going to help restore order is….. sick, and there’s none sicker than the EDL’
All we stand for? Have you read our Mission Statement lately? We suspect not. No sane person could say it is sick to oppose terrorism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism while standing for integration and equality. How are you feeling, Dave? Better check your private health insurance policy, you’re looking a bit peaky.

Firstly, the minor disturbances in Eltham last night, were NOT the EDL, according to the police that were there and as they communicated to BBC radio 5. David Cameron is now actively ignoring the police force of this country, in an attempt to further demonise the predominantly white working class people of this country.

People are entitled to protect their homes and businesses from severe attacks. The police weren’t protecting the people of these area’s, so local people went onto the streets to make sure they wouldn’t become the latest victims of such horrific attacks. Be they the Sikhs of Southall, the Muslim’s of Birmingham, or the English of Eltham.

When it comes down to it, the only thing we are all forced to rely on, is the government for its protection from violence and crime: we’re actually prohibited from arming ourselves so we’re helpless. If a government presides over civil war as we saw, it has failed totally in its most important duty. What is clear to see from the media reports and reactions of journalists and politicians is that they simply do not care about the proud English folk of this land. Many communities came together on Tuesday night, regardless of colour, with Black and White from numerous backgrounds, uniting to force away the rioters:


One particular group on Tuesday did have some EDL in it and patriotic songs were sung, the locals were delighted that they were now being protected after police failures and shortcomings [Guardian Video]. The media were quick to jump on this and heap praise on the group as the spirit of England was on show, but once it came to light that some EDL may have been involved, the story was turned to imply they were racist and violent. This despite the presence of black men in the group and despite the lack of any violence whatsoever.

The same journalists gave a different account of the Sikh and Muslim groups who bravely defended their areas. The Sikh groups were publicly brandishing swords and weapons, something that would have resulted in the immediate arrest of any EDL member we’re sure. No, these groups were lauded with praise and branded as heroes. Where is the equality?

Don’t get us wrong, we do endorse the use of self defence, in particular when rioters intent on using all manner of violent acts (which will include the carrying of weapons and the intent to use them) have to be met “head on” in times of abject police and government failure. They have allowed Anarchy to rule our streets, something the militant left have been provoking for many years now. We must pay particular attention to the case in North London whereby locals have had to endure more than 5 nights of continued violence on the streets. Is it any wonder the locals are turning to people who do stand up for the love of their country and their communities in times of civil unrest?

Wednesday night saw similar scenes across the country, with vigilante groups protecting their streets once again. Obviously, because these groups were peaceful, law abiding and predominantly white English, the police were now miraculously able to find officers to over police the peacefulness and intimidate people. In Manchester and Birmingham, the police had the numbers and time to surround hundreds of unmasked, peaceful citizens and issue them all with section 6’s and 27’s (orders to disperse well known to many EDL members from football crowd policing). Why were the groups of rioters not dispersed at early opportunities, when they were masked and intent on violence?

In Eltham, some news stations were reporting 1000 riot police and 80 riot vans, not to stop the rioters, but to surround a small group of 100 locals. A bottle or two was thrown, a sign of the frustration that these police who were nowhere when wanton destruction and theft were occurring, were suddenly appearing in mass numbers to intimidate and provoke a groups of previously peaceful people. No damage was caused and the locals went back to their homes, safe in the knowledge that police were finally on their streets, even if it wasn’t to stop the mindless criminals. This didn’t stop media outlets from lying about events, with The Telegraph criticising the EDL in depth for the whole incident and ending with… Local police denied the group were comprised of EDL members.

A massive police over-reaction to deal with non-criminals, a scene we see far too often these days, with the white English population seemingly viewed as fair game and an easy target for the police. Anyone remember the horrific police brutality at Rochdale? Police officers assaulted young women and sent dogs into the crowd to attack people, who were peacefully standing on the grass as ordered by the police. At the same time allowing the muslim group opposite to wreak havoc and attack them. Well perhaps if the police were to use such brutal tactics on criminals, for a change, then the wanton destruction and theft, may have ended days earlier, negating the need for vigilante groups and preventing the murder of the three young Muslims in Birmingham (our thoughts and prayers go out to the families).

There is no issue here, especially no issue with the EDL. The English Defence League are here to DEFEND England when no-one else is willing to. On this occasion the police weren’t willing to defend and protect the streets and residents of some parts of England. The public needed help, so they turned to the EDL, as we are increasingly seeing, naturally, EDL supporters took to the streets, peacefully supporting local residents and businesses.

There is nothing extremist, far-right, criminal or wrong about doing that. It shows the community spirit and big society that Mr Cameron keeps banging on about, expecting people of England to volunteer to help their communities. This is exactly what you saw Mr Cameron, your BIG society, and now you are attacking the volunteers? Why is that? These volunteers showed tremendous moral courage doing what they did, unlike the criminals.

How about showing some respect to ALL who deserve it, rather than slamming innocent people who were only standing up after your disastrous handling of the situation. A few more days in the sun, more important than the safety of Britain and it’s people? You are one disgusting creature Mr Cameron, when will you wake up and realise that the government has repeatedly let down the British folk of this country and that people are turning to us, rather than the authorities with their concerns because the authorities are too weak willed to confront the causation of civil unrest. We listen to people’s concerns and give them a voice, rather than dismissing them and ignorantly shout racist, when it’s nothing of the sort. Mr Cameron, you are out of touch with the British public, it’s about time you started listening to us rather than blaming us for YOUR failures.

Time to get a grip of the situation we think!

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Findalis said...

It wasn't the EDL who were rioting and looting, but the idiot government in Great Britain will only blame the white folk when the colored folk misbehave.

PatriotUSA said...

Indeed you are correct in what you have said, Findalis.

Of course we are considered and called racists, bigots and the list goes on and on when such an assertion is made. It is ALWAYS whitey's fault and we cannot forget that DHS has labeled us middle aged white folks, especially my gender as terrorists and the most likely to commit terrorist attacks.

Cameron should be booted out of office just like the first muslim potus should be impeached ASAP.

Oops, there I go again being a racist and bigot.