UK riots: ‘Race is an issue, especially where relationships are already bad’

While this next post may offend some people, I make no apologies and have little use for excessive multiculturalism, diversity or political correctness, period.

These are the three toxic stews of the West as I call them and these are FAILED policies no matter where they have been tried. And tried they have been! One only needs to look at England, calmer but still seething and unsettled after 4 days of rioting and violence. Like it or not, race and the failed immigration policies of England the European Union are what played a big part in these riots taking place.

If you do not think this can happen here, drop down to the post titled Milwaukee and Philadelphia by Gary Fouse.

Like Fred's Grandfather, mine came here seeking a better life. He had $18.00 and change in his pocket and one of the first things he did was to LEARN ENGLISH, the culture and the customs of the time. The second thing he did is he became a legal citizen of the United States. He volunteered to fight the Germans in World War One and was fortunate to return back to the States. He built a very good life for himself and his family by hard work, honesty and offering a hand to those who needed it. In all his years in the furniture business(he owned a very successful store in El Paso, Texas)he NEVER took anyone to collections and had customers that were generational, who traveled over 600 miles round trip from the interior inside Mexico to business with him. He paid for medical services for his employees long before it was 'normal' in the business world. There were seldom any openings for jobs as his employees were dedicated to him and the business. It was not unusual for sons and daughters to follow their parents in working for him. He helped his employees children go to college and never asked for anything to be paid back. He knew education was one the keys to a better life and the one thing he insisted one was that his staff become legal citizens within two years of going to work for him and he paid for that too. Most of his employees were Mexicans and I grew up in this culture of two different countries as I often accompanied him into Mexico or all over West Texas doing deliveries. I grew up learning to love most Mexicans I met and they way they just included into their lives and homes as if we were family. WE shared events, holidays, special occasions, births, deaths you name it and there was never one time where there was friction due to a clash of cultures or language.

That is the multiculturalism I learned about and grew up with. Not the clap trap, liberal garbage we have today.

I have no problem with immigrants who come here wanting a better life as long as they assimilate, learn our language, our culture and customs. They do not need to give up theirs and neither party needs to force their ways upon the other. But this has changed over the decades and with the push for liberalism and the growth and forceful nature of the liberal progressive agenda, we are where we are today. The one exception I have is against islam, the islamization of the United states and the push by muslims and their apologists for the instillation of islamic sharia law over our Constitution. islam and the West are NOT compatible and never will be. We are witnessing this today and this is a fight, a war that will only get worse. If that offends you, too bad and you do not have to read this.

My Grandfather was a kind, humble and generous man and loved to continue learning. He did this up until the day he slipped into coma after suffering a major heart attack in 1972. He set a very high standard for my mother and his three grandsons. He came here from Eastern Europe and he knew what the United States had to offer him.

This is from TexasFred.


UK riots: ‘Race is an issue, especially where relationships are already bad’
By TexasFred

‘Race is an issue, especially where relationships are already bad’

In Dalston, north-east London, on Monday night, hundreds of business owners in Kingsland Road, the majority of them Turkish and Kurdish, gathered on the street to “protect” their properties from looters, “because the police, they can do nothing”.

In Southall, to the west, the following night, scores of Sikh men gathered outside their temple – but also, reportedly, a mosque and a Hindu temple – for the same reason. While elderly community leaders were among them, a number of others stood at temple doors holding baseball bats.

Several miles to the south, in Eltham, hundreds of local people, almost exclusively white, took to the streets, amid rumours that the English Defence League was mobilising in the area in an attempt to exploit community tensions.

At the same time, in Dudley Road, Birmingham, residents of Winson Green had gathered on the streets for the same reason when a car was driven at speed by a 32-year-old African- Caribbean man, killing three young Asian men.

First lets examine the word multiculturalism;

multiculturalism — noun:

1. The state or condition of being multicultural.

2. The preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation.

That certainly sounds harmless, at least on the surface, doesn’t it? Sure it does, just think of the libber mantra of ‘Can’t we all just get along?’, oh, wait, that was Rodney King after the riots in Los Angeles, after the cops put a serious beat down on him.

Maybe we need to think about Je$$ie Jack$on and his *Rainbow Coalition* or Kermit the Frog and *The Rainbow Connection*. Yeah, that’s it; we can all get along and live in peace and harmony, all for one and one for all. Brother Je$$ie and Kermit told us we can, so, it must be true, right?

No, apparently, we can’t all just get along.

This is the truth of the matter, and here is where I may offend some folks.

As an example, let’s just say that First Baptist and First Methodist don’t happen to agree with each other on some specific passage in the Holy Bible. That doesn’t mean that they are going to blow each other up and behead the ones that get captured, it means they will sit down over dinner and talk about their differences and discuss the differences in Baptist and Methodist beliefs.

Muslims will go crazy and kill everything in sight.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, the USA and the UK disagree on a matter of global finance; they will meet and negotiate and work to find a solution to their mutual problem and remain friends and allies.

Islamic nations go crazy and kill everything in sight.

Here in the USA, at least for the most part, we all live together and get along quite well. In my neighborhood we have White, Black and Hispanic residents. I’m sure there are other ethnicities but I don’t personally know them so I won’t speak to their being here.

In MY neighborhood we don’t try to force our personal lifestyle or religious belief off on our neighbors, and we are all OK with that, and to the best of my knowledge we don’t have any Muslims living nearby, so, no one has gone crazy and killed everything in sight.

Multiculturalism, in it’s most pure intent, in it’s specific definition, is a good thing, IF, and it’s a BIG if, but it only works if ALL involved are willing to work together and accept their fellows as equals, as they are, White, Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Jew, or any combination of global nationalities.

Yeah, like that’s gonna happen…

Europe is over-run with Muslims and they have vowed to take over Europe, and at this time it appears that they are making an effort to bring the UK down with their riots, hooliganism and anarchy. If the British people don’t stop them, if the Brits don’t stand tall and fight this attack from Islamic and other assorted hordes, Great Britain will not be great for much longer.

Multiculturalism Threatens America

Americans have become accustomed to our presidents standing tall in times of peril. So when warnings of the looming threat posed by multiculturalism to national identity and security are made, it is natural to believe they come from the American president. But not this time.

Over the past month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and British Prime Minister David Cameron have spoken out on the challenges posed by multiculturalism in their countries. Cameron recently proclaimed “under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream. We have failed to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong.”

When I heard Cameron’s words I thought of my grandfather. He came to America from Fascist Italy, where he left a stable government job to work in the coalmines of western Pennsylvania until he was 72 years old. My grandfather put literal sweat equity into those mines—not because it brought him wealth, but because it brought him the opportunity to be an American.

My grandfather, like most immigrants, believed that America was more than just another plot of land. To his generation America was a common aspiration, an idea. Part of that idea was that all men are created equal. That founding idea, as Abraham Lincoln said, was enshrined into our Declaration of Independence not only because it was a self-evident truth but also so that it could constantly serve as “a rebuke and a stumbling-block to the very harbingers of re-appearing tyranny and oppression,” whenever and wherever they appeared. SOURCE

My grandfather came to Texas from New Brunswick, Canada. He didn’t come to Texas in an effort to turn Texas into a French speaking province, he came to Texas because he wanted the freedom that the U.S.A. offered and he came here to be an American. Not a Canadian-American, just a plain old average, every day run of the mill American, which was good enough.

He worked hard, he and my grandmother raised a family during the Great Depression, an American family, and their children, my father, an uncle and 2 aunts all turned out well. They raised their families to be Americans, to love this nation and to give their service to America.

If that were the multiculturalism practiced in America we would all be just fine, but that isn’t what those that insist on multiculturalism are all about.

Those that insist on multiculturalism are the radicals among us; Muslims that want to force Sharia law on America, Black Muslims, think Louis Farrakhan and his ilk, who knows what the hell they want, think La Raza and Reconquista, anarchists that seek to take the entire area of the southwestern United States over and turn it into Norte Mexico.

Think about every hyphenated-American you ever heard of, THAT is the most accurate definition of multiculturalism I can imagine; individuals that come to the USA to seek their fortune but refuse to become Americans and insist that America conforms to them, their languages and their customs, in other words, WE must accept their culture and not expect that they will accept ours and become that which we cherish most, an American!

I have read many articles regarding the violence in Great Britain and what is its root cause, and every piece I find lately references racism and multiculturalism, and speaks to the failure that is multiculturalism.

I don’t go to other nations and try to change them to MY way of thinking and I don’t appreciate the people of other nations coming to the USA and trying to change us to fit their mold.

I don’t care where they come from, I don’t care what color they are, but if they come to America then they have assumed the responsibility of becoming Americans. If they aren’t willing to shoulder that responsibility and become Americans, and nothing else, and accept America as it is, by learning OUR language and OUR customs, then those individuals need to go back to their land of origin and be whatever they can be in some 3rd world dung heap.

We don’t need multiculturalism here in America; we need brave, loyal, hard working American PATRIOTS that have a love for America in their hearts. Those are the immigrants I welcome with open arms.

In closing, I have no use for a Muslim, of ANY ilk, and I don’t care who I offend by saying so. Muslims are our sworn enemy and as much as Barack Hussein Obama would like for us to accept his line of BS as truth, Muslims did NOT found this nation and they did NOT build this nation, and their only desire is to destroy America and all free people everywhere.

If you believe I am exaggerating just look at Europe as a whole and specifically at Great Britain. It has started, The Crusades, version 2011.

We are very close to open anarchy on the streets of this nation, and it will be Oath Keepers and armed American PATRIOTS that stop the insanity. We will either engage and win, or die trying.


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