Teen curfew now mandatory in Philadelphia

This is an update to a post that was up on August 10th: Milwaukee and Philadelphia.

A 9:00P.M. curfew has now started to be enforced in Philadelphia starting tonight.
How well this is handled and how the teenagers comply will be critical to stopping a repeat of the last riots.

Are we on the edge of the same cliff England is close to toppling over? Time and how our government changes course and policies will be critical to the future of the United States.


New Philly Teen Curfew Goes Into Effect

On Friday night, Philadelphia teens will need to clear the streets by 9 p.m. in several popular areas as police try to contain mob violence.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter enacted the new curfew after three incidents on July 29th and July 31st, when groups of teens attacked bystanders in Old City, Center City and Fairmount Park.

One question is how well will the police be able to clear the kids out of Center City and University City when time is up?

Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison told Fox 29 on Friday the city will be ready in case teens can’t make it home in time.

Gillison said officers will ask teens out after curfew for identification and ask them to home.

But if there is situation where officers have to use their discretion, they are ready for alternatives such as taking kids in.

Gillison also said an important effort will be getting community members involved in the process.

On Monday, Nutter placed a 9 p.m. weekend curfew on teens in parts of the city as part of new measure to fight against violence.

The curfew will apply to Center City and University City.

Nutter said the city plans to increase legal sanctions for parents whose children participate in the attacks. He said that strict enforcement of the citywide curfew will continue and more programs at youth centers and help for parents will be offered.

Nutter also said rec hours would be extended as part of a "holistic" community outreach effort.

But a MyFoxPhilly analysis of 11 teen mob incidents since 2088 in Philadelphia showed only four of the 11 attacks occured after the new curfew hours.

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