Police officer attacked by man with Didgeridoo at farmers market

The only way this could have been any better is if this moron had been an know environazi progressive, socialist slacker. I really could have had a lot of fun with this event but we can't have everything unless one is a liar, cheater, and thief like the current first muslim potus. We can rip on that one at a later date perhaps.

This somehow seems fitting that this occurred at a farmers market. Around here, farmers markets attract all sorts of knot headed libtards who think they are really special and worthy of special recognition because they have grown some squash and green beans organically and then rip you off by charging a really 'special' price.
Don't get me wrong and jump all over me about farmers markets. I like them and we do go to them around here and buy from a very select group of growers who are very conscious about how they grow their crops, market and sell them. These folks do not seem themselves as 'special' and they go about business in a good way and sell their organics crops and products at a very fair rate.

This all started with an unapproved performance by Weston Coen, who was asked to relocate outside the market. You can read the article for the rest and I have to wonder if the police office will later be reprimanded or sued for the use of 'unnecessary force' as this seems to happen quite a bit in our politically correct bass ackwards(intentional)society where almost any law enforcement officer is seen as public enemy number one.

Perhaps Mr.Coen is fortunate the officer did not beat him with his musical instrument or relocate it to where the 'sun does not shine'.

I will post any future news about this if it goes bad for the police officer or the department. The stupidity of political correctness has no boundaries and many in our legal system are way too eager to take advantage of such events as this one reported here.


Didgeridoo Man
Didgeridoo vs. Taser

Bend police arrest man brandishing wooden instrument

A man who Bend police say attacked an officer with a didgeridoo was shot with a stun gun and arrested Wednesday night near the Bend Farmers Market.

Weston Coen, 20, reportedly was creating a disturbance with an unapproved performance on his Australian wind instrument. Manager Katrina Wiest asked Coen to move his performance outside the market, and she says he initially complied. But he returned later and was contacted by a security guard patrolling the market area.

According to Sgt. John Carlon, Coen swatted the phone from the hand of the security guard as he was attempting to call police.

Carlon said Sgt. Ron Taylor was sent to the scene to meet Coen, who resisted Taylor’s attempts to arrest him, swinging and stabbing at the officer with his didgeridoo. Coen escaped briefly and ran to the nearby Mirror Pond Plaza, where Taylor caught him and deployed his Taser.

Though Taylor was struck with the didgeridoo, said Carlon, the aboriginal instrument did not inflict a serious injury.

Neither did the Taser. Coen was arrested for attempted assault on a public safety officer, interfering with making a report and resisting arrest. He was held overnight at the Deschutes County Jail and released without posting bail when the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges at his arraignment. Jail Deputy Robert Lucas said charges could still be filed at a later date once prosecutors have all reports related to the incident.

Carlon said Taylor will be required to fill out a use-of-force report detailing the circumstances leading up to his decision to use the Taser. Taylor’s supervisor will review his account of the incident and determine whether it was justified under department policy, Carlon said, a decision he expects will be made by today.

Bend police are constrained by reasonably strict policies on the use of Tasers, Carlon said.

A suspect who simply pulls away from an officer would likely be resisting arrest, he said, and should not be subjected to a Taser under department policy. If a suspect’s resistance involves physical force that could result in injury, a Taser can be considered, he said.

“If you slap the front of my shirt and it doesn’t hurt, that’s not going to be an assault on an officer,” Carlon said. “If you take a didgeridoo and thrust it into an officer’s chest, that’s going to be an assault or an attempted assault.”

Coen has no prior criminal record in Oregon, according to state court records.

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Findalis said...

The poor didgeridoo. How it was manhandled. The horror of its treatment. I feel for it.

wescoen said...

yeah so really what happened was i was playing in the market was told to move to the side lines of the market i did so the renta cop shows up to tell me to move again i did by 2 feet he started to call the cops i did flick the phone out of his hand never did i hit the cop i tried to run but tripped on my pants and landed on my military backpack the cop was on top of me i might have been kicking him idk the tazer prongs missed so he starts to taze me as im on the ground and cant get up the burn marks are on my armpit area of my right arm

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for sending this in and as I rarely disallow any comments I am pleased to post this one of yours.

There are always two sides to a story and again, thanks for sending this in.