Official PatriotUSA Update

Be back later on today!!!

Just a quick note to let all know that I have been battling an episode of extremely severe pain due to my back. After a visit to my Neurosurgeon and A LOT of heavy medication, the pain is starting to ease up a bit.

So, that said I should be able to be back working on some new posts starting later today. I need more fusion surgery and there are no options left as my spine/back is extremely unstable and fusing it is the only option left to gain stability. I just have to remember there are always folks off worse than I am and I am BLESSED beyond measure by what I have. I am not talking about money, being wealthy or well off, as we are not. We BARELY make ends meet like so many others these days. We are rich in friends, family and a having a Lord who loves us, watches over us. I will take those things over vast monetary wealth every time.

See you all later today.

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Nick said...

I'm sorry to hear about your medical troubles, my friend. I'll say a quiet prayer for you.

best wishes,


HermitLion said...

So sorry as well, my friend. I really hope the fusion will prove helpful :(

Findalis said...

Prayers are being said for your speedy recovery.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you all for the kind words and especially the prayers.

Just so you know any surgery is still a ways down the road as there are other 'details' that must be taken care of BEFORE I can undergo this next fusion. The Neurosurgeon has submitted a request for more injections at differing vertebrae levels to help pinpoint exactly 'where' as much of the pain is coming from' as possible. Then there is my wife finding work after she graduates from school which mught be very difficult as she is 53, not worked for almost ten years and the economy is horrid our here..

The recovery can be quite long so work is also a concern. I will keep everybody in the loop and I almost forgot this: I also need surgery on my right shoulder to 'take out the trash' as me and that doc call it. I am having way more fun that any person should be allowed to have!