obama, the first muslim potus: HE DOES NOT speak for me.

Here is the mullah obamaham, the first muslim potus and his ramadan message for muslims. Try not to get violently ill when you watch and listen to this.

HE DOES NOT speak for me and is extremely ignorant and arrogant about islam and muslims. Now he wants to work with the U.N. and the OIC against blasphemy against those poor abused muslims.
obama should be more concerned about the violence against Christian Copts who are horribly persecuted throughout the muslim world.

ramadan greets the world by an increase in violence, attacks and deaths against any and all who oppose islam and sharia law. The site Religion Of Peace has done an excellent job of covering violence and terrorist attacks during ramadan. There are many excellent blogs that also track muslim/islamic violence during ramadan. I will try to post what I can here.

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Findalis said...

Nor does he speak for me. Not now not ever.

Nick said...


Welcome, welcome. Join us!