Muslim terrorists attack bus in Israeli Negev

This morning, a routine drive from Eilat to Tel-Aviv has run into an ambush that contained both roadside explosives, and at least seven armed terrorists.
Following a bloody shoot-out, the terrorists were all eliminated, but six civilians, and one IDF soldier have lost their lives in the midst of what they believed was a ride back home for the weekend.
Sad, unfortunate, and also quite inevitable - the signs were clearly there: no fence to keep the border with Egypt secured, and no Egyptian security forces to speak of since the coup against Mubarak. The Sinai peninsula is a hotbed for terrorist activities, and so such an attack was only a matter of time.

When it comes to both American, and Israeli civilians, politicians are busy playing the "all is ok" game with islam, while good men and women lose their lives.


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Findalis said...

7 Dead, 25 wounded, 2 of the wounded were toddlers. Yet Sheik Obama wants Israel to surrender to these murderers.

PatriotUSA said...

Move along folks... Nothing to see here except a few dead Jews.

Now if these were mussies, that would be news. Only to the likes of the mullah obamaham and such ilk.

Totally disgusting.

Nick said...

An update from today's Daily Mail.