Crafty Cameron dodges difficult questions

“The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents

appear as if they belonged to one category.” – Adolf Hitler.

Those words appear in Alan Bullock’s biography, as he describes Hitler’s formative years. The current British PM David Cameron has been a career politician for many years now. Following the recent riots in England, Cameron has shown the British public that he has a sound grasp of the power principle laid down by Hitler in Landsberg in 1924.

We’ve all sat aghast as those riots have engulfed England’s major cities. The latest incident the media has presented us with is footage of someone running down two police officers. A man has now been arrested in connection with this, and Detective Inspector Cliff Haines has said that the incident will be treated as attempted murder. (Link 1.) (Link 2.)

David Cameron has said that “Pockets of our society are not just broken but are frankly sick.” (See link.) One can’t help wondering what pockets of society Mr. Cameron is referring to, given the privileged social status of some of the rioters. (See link.) In addition, Mr. Cameron has said that “I have described some parts of our society as sick, and there is none sicker than the EDL.” (See link.)

The perpetrators of the crimes we have seen in our streets, whatever their social status, are children of the state. They have been brought up to believe what the state has been preaching for years now. If you’ve ever had to walk down the other side of the street from a bunch of ‘hoodies’, then you’ve seen the vacant arrogance in their eyes as they slouch on past. Visit any city centre on a Saturday night, and you’ll see young people whose reason for living is to attack their own consciousness with alcohol and other drugs, and who will not hesitate to employ physical violence against each other, or anyone else who gets in their way. Ask any experienced teacher, and they’ll tell you that there are children in our schools, and walking our streets today, who have no respect for anyone, or anything – not even themselves. Our country is no longer what it was.

For years, the state in Britain has undermined the concept of personal responsibility. Only in Great Britain, for example, is a local council able to order someone to take down barbed wire around their own property in case any burglars get hurt. (See link.) The philosophical position behind that is so empty of morality, so intellectually corrupt, that it's difficult for anyone from my generation to believe it can even happen. But throughout recent years the state has taken - and enforced - the position that the perpetrator of a crime must not be seen as a lawbreaker who deserves what's coming to him. No, the perpetrator must be seen as a victim. Small wonder that fifteen year old kids now see nothing wrong in criminal behaviour.

The MP for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen has asked David Cameron whether he agrees that the riots are "symptomatic of the no-blame, no-responsibility culture that has undermined our society and led us to this sorry state." (See link.) The Prime Minister dodged the question, and said that the rioters were acting criminally. We all know that we have been witnessing criminal acts. But restating the symptoms does not address the underlying cause of Britain's current sickness.

The EDL only exist because the traditional British values which our country fought to defend in World War II have been abandoned by our political leaders. We all know that the traditional values we were brought up with have been undermined by the state. And we all know that the symptoms we see Great Britain presenting with now are not the same thing as the underlying sickness. Anyone visiting their GP with a set of symptoms that indicated a serious illness would, of course, be treated for the illness. If you were to sit in your health centre and explain your symptoms to your GP, and they simply read them back to you and concluded that you were ill, that would be completely unacceptable. If our society is indeed sick, then the Prime Minister's reponse to Andrew Bridgen is just as unacceptable.

The EDL knows, just as any morally sane person who's been living in Britain for the last twenty years or so knows, that the politicians who have deliberately undermined their own country, abandoned its values, and betrayed the very people they were elected to represent have brought about the sickness which we now see the patient presenting with. David Cameron doesn't want to hear that though. He doesn't even want it said.

Another symptom of the sick country which we now live in is the unreality of political correctness, an imaginary state of affairs that does not, and never will, actually exist. In that counterfeit existence, no one is permitted to introduce reality, for to do so would be to expose the evil demon behind the deceit. To acknowledge reality is to admit that the politically correct world is not real.

As the writer Melanie Phillips has said, those who have invested in the cultural deceit of PC cannot respond to rational criticism because their position is not based in factual reality. They must necessarily respond to criticism by engaging in unfounded, logically irrelevant, ad hominem attacks. That's all they have. (See link.)

David Cameron's efforts to smear the English Defence League at a time when England needs to be defended are therefore no more surprising than the riots we have just witnessed. Those with eyes to see understand very well just what the British Prime Minister is doing when he employs a strategy taken straight from the pages of Mein Kampf in order to avoid having to listen to some hard truths. By doing so, David Cameron has shown the world that despite having a first from Oxford, he is no genius.

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PatriotUSA said...

Hey Nick,
This is just a gem of a post. Well done and thanks so much. I thank you so much for what you have brought here to PC.

Cameron is a stooge and and butt head for slamming the EDL the way he has.
Pathetic and low brow, but so is he and now he is proving what a loser he really is.