Old tactics in an old feud: environazis and tree sitting

In a practice that many people have forgotten about, maybe they just do not care anymore or there are much larger problems to be focusing on, some Cascadia Forest Defenders were recently removed from the trees they were 'squatting' in to protest a logging sale in Elliot State Forest. Cascadia Forest Defenders goal is "to stop all logging of native forest on public lands in Oregon."

Read that last sentence again. They want to STOP ALL LOGGING, period.

These parasites on society do not care if this means ruining the livelihood of those who still work in the timber industry, crippling the economy of small towns throughout the state of Oregon, up through Alaska and down into Northern California. Have any of these hairy, smelly alinskyites, lovers of Bill Ayers (sound familiar? The first muslim potus holds Ayers and Alinsky close as well) ever had a REAL job with REAL responsibilities and have they ever done anything to help others or the greater good? One can only wonder.

As one who has had many a past conflict with similar environazi trolls, I have ZERO sympathy for their cause or tactics. As is mentioned below, there are other ways to stop a logging sale or the cutting of precious timber that might just go towards staving off foreclosure of the timber worker's home in the great economy that has been so 'vibrant' under obama and his ilk. Maybe obama should invite these folks to the White House or he could give them a job tending to the first lady's needs and wants, which are many. I am sure she needs more help. After all, 26 aides is hardly enough for a such a 'busy' first lady. That is how many aides she has working for her at a huge cost to me and you.

Back to the tree huggers. I suppose we should be happy they did not spike any trees or resort to other low life tactics that might injure or kill a logger. How much did it cost US to 'remove' these environazis from the trees?


The wrong way to fight for forests
Bend Bulletin

There are good ways to try to stop a timber sale or harvest, and there are bad ways. This past week saw some of the bad ways tried, ineffectively, in Coos County. That’s when three members of the Cascadia Forest Defenders took it upon themselves to climb high into trees on the site of the Elkhorn Ranch timber sale in the central coastal county.

The sale is on land in the Elliott State Forest northeast of Coos Bay. Money generated by the forest is slated for the state’s Common School Fund.

The three individuals were bad enough. They put their lives in danger, and getting them down was no small feat. Police had to use a boom platform vehicle to reach the three, who climbed higher into the trees when they saw the boom coming. Fortunately, the county could call on sheriff’s deputies with special training in high-angle rope rescues, but fire medics from nearby Lakeside and a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter also were at the site in case anyone was hurt. The rescue itself was an expensive, time-consuming process.

Protesters have done more than just sit in trees. They dug a trench in the road to the sale site, damaging a culvert in the process, and they blocked the road with trees, rocks and barbed wire. It took a backhoe to fill the trench and the debris had to be moved from the road.

There are legitimate ways to protest timber sales. Tree-sitting and vandalism are not among them. The Forestry Department is seeking public comment as it creates long-range plans for the land it manages, and, in fact, is currently updating its plan for the Elliott State Forest. Too, those who oppose sales do have the right to sue, though that costs money.

Oregon law requires that state forest lands be managed “to secure the greatest permanent value of those lands to the state,” and to that end it may hold timber sales, allow grazing and permit other activities that generate revenue for Oregonians. Because the value is to be permanent, the department may not take action that will do long-term damage to its lands, and it is bound by the Endangered Species Act to protect both northern spotted owls and marbled murrelets. A habitat conservation plan for the Elliott was created to do just that.

Protesters say they want to draw attention to their cause with the actions on the Elliott, but behavior like theirs is unlikely to draw the kind of attention they had in mind.

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Findalis said...

Instead of bringing in heavy equipment to get the idiot Moonbats down, all it would have taken was a few axes and a few strong men. Chop the trees down and let the idiots fall with the trees.

Do this each time and watch as the idiots realize that if they try this tactic they will die.

Findalis said...

Let them sit. Let them stay in the tree. Just get some very strong men, some very sharp axes, and start chopping.

The idiots will come down. Can anyone say:


PatriotUSA said...

When I was a logger, the BS we had to deal with from these stinky, lazy parasites was disgusting. We also had to deal with our equipment getting vandalized, set on fire, you name it.

My opinion was one like yours. Go ahead and log the trees with the sitters in them.

One time I pinned three of them up against a gate they had locked themselves to, block us from working. I was driving a water tanker and just idled it up right to them, 'gently' pushing them up against the gate. I held them just like that until law enforcement arrived and cut them free and then arrested them. They thanked the officers by spitting on them and trying to urinate on all of us.

This is just one of many spats I had with these mongrels of humanity.