New video footage of public hanging in Iran

This is from Kurdishblogger.com and remember, obama, the first muslim potus wants to still have dialogue with the murdering bastards that control iran.


The shocking normality of public executions in Iran

by Fazel Hawramy, Editor, Kurdishblogger.com

On Tuesday (19th July) I received some footage which showed the public execution of three young men in Freedom Square in the centre of Kermanshah city, the capital
of Kermanshah Province in the West of Iran.

The Iranian Official News Agency, IRNA, reported that it took the Iranian government just two months to execute these individuals from the time they were arrested. It has also been reported that final verdict was issued at a local court only 18 days after the men were arrested for rape.

This brings the number of executions reported in Iran this year, to 164, according to an AFP tally.

What is so alarming about this video is the apparent normality of the event. Thousands of people are watching as if it were a football match. People are shouting and cheering. But what is most shocking is the participation of children in this barbaric ‘spectacle’.

When I was about 10 years of age in Iran in 1980s, I witnessed a similar event in my home town in Kermanshah province which has haunted me ever since. It beggars belief that this brutalisation of society and particularly children happens in Iran in 2011.

The person who recorded the video told the Guardian newspaper: “I was there, the executions took place at the centre of the city in Azadi Square at 10 in the morning when people were busy with their businesses or shopping. The authorities didn’t have any consideration for innocent children who were accompanying their parents and suddenly watched an execution which I would guess would be carved in their mind for ever.”

Amnesty International issued a statement shortly after seeing the footage. Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, the organisations Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa said:

“These latest public executions underline the continuing horror of the death penalty in Iran. Not only those executed, but all those who watch public executions, including, children, are brutalised and degraded by the experience. These public displays of killing perpetuate a culture of acceptance of violence and bloodlust, rather than a belief in justice.”

Hat tip: Foreign Confidential

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