Friends, Allies and enemies: Patriot's Corner does not condone violence and murder of anyone

Friends, Allies and enemies


As soon as the first reports came in about the horrible and horrific bomb blast and subsequent mass murders that took place in Norway, I knew this would be a watershed event for those like myself in the counterjihad movement. Before that evil day and this murdering bastard's terrorist mission were finally stopped, the accusations from those that truly hate the counterjihad had started to surface and they have not stopped yet. Nor do I see this stopping anytime soon. islam and those who support the spread of islam and sharia law through whatever means necessary have been quick to use this tragic event for their own good.

After the bloody day in Norway it has become very clear to me that I need to come out and stand up for what this site, myself and how I see the counterjihad movement after what happened in Norway. For those that I am allied with, friends with, I cannot speak for them directly nor would I ever want to, but I will stand up for them and their allies within the counterjihad. None of the counterjihadists that I know support or condone ANY of what happened in Norway in any way shape or form or on any level.

There are many allies and friends within the CJ movement that I have supported and will continue to support as I know many of the people who run many of these sites, blogs and NONE OF THEM support anything like what happened in Norway, PERIOD. We do not call out for the murder of muslims or anyone else. The fact that children were gunned down in cold blooded fashion is extremely despicable to me and others that I work with.

There have been some extremely vicious attacks against Gates Of Vienna, Jihad watch and Fjordman, things said about them that are not true. At some point I had to come out and defend my friends and allies. It was not a question of if but when and that time is now.

We are NOT HATE or RACIST fueled sites. We try to educate and expose islam and sharia law for what it truly is; a life based ideology(not a religion)that embraces subjugation, persecution and extreme violence to achieve it's desired results. That desired result is only one thing, complete and total global domination by islam, ruled by a global islamic caliphate. I will NOT get into that now as it is time to stand up for my friends and allies. That is what I am going to do. This includes sites and blogs that I have had disagreements with in the past but I know that these particular sites are NOT hate or racist fueled sites. Not even close. They DO NOT tolerate that on their sites and neither do I here. I have received many comments that were extremely nasty, filled with complete and total hatred directed at me and what is put up here. NONE of those comments will EVER be published or shared.

As necessitated by events and accusations, Patriot's Corner will be having a fair number of posts regarding the above. I urge any and all who stand with the counterjihad to stand together. We are purveyors and seekers of the truth about islam and sharia law. The free world is too ignorant and complacent about what islam really does and HOW it does what it does.

Stopping what we are doing and saying is NOT an option.

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Findalis said...

There is no excuse for terror but this is just the first. All over Europe individuals are becoming fed-up with the Dhimmi governments and their official policies of appeasement to the Muslim minority in their nation.

I expect to start seeing more and more of these actions. A shame since the real message of Christianity is love not hate, peace not war.

PatriotUSA said...

This is just the beginning, Findalis. islam is going to force us to fight for freedom from islam and sharia law. It is just a matter of time and islam is more than willing to bide its time to continue to making gains against the free world. The reaction of govt's to pass laws to 'protect' islam and muslims will reach new heights as we are already seeing.

Much more blood will be spilled and many innocent lives lost before this is all over.