Stupid muslim sues church over enforced lunch break

The world is certainly headed towards hell when suits like this are filed. A couple of questions come right out for me. First why was a devout(read brainwashed)muslim working in and for a church in the first place? How come she was not working at the local terrorist center ummm, I mean mosque? Perhaps it is because she is a woman and we all know how islam treats women with such equality and fairness. Yeah, right. 

Why did the Diocese want to hire a muslim in the first place? Do you think maybe, just maybe she was encouraged to to get hired there by Cair and the ACLU so she could cause the Diocese trouble? It would not be the first time nor will it be the last. Lunch breaks are almost always a mandatory break, by LAW. The church and the Monsignor were just following the letter of the law. This muslim was a devout follower of islam and was observing ramadan for two reasons. One, it is required fro muslims to 'honor' ramadan. Second, she DECIDED herself to fast for ramadan. So she sat there and did not eat and that was HER choice. So she took a break and did not eat. Her choice One must take into consideration that she has most likely been brainwashed from birth by this cult of perversion and violence.
This should not even get any time or even rate a hearing. This is America and we still have the Constitution and every state has laws and rules about breaks and lunch breaks. I suggest she take the first flying pig back to whatever stone age muslim country she came from.


Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Diocese Of Allentown

Woman Claims She Was Fired For Being A Muslim

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- The Diocese of Allentown has found itself the target of a lawsuit that claims a woman was fired for being a Muslim.

Omayma Arafa filed the federal lawsuit against the Diocese in May.

The lawsuit states Arafa, who is a Muslim from Egypt, had no problems as an employee of the Diocese until August 2008, when her supervisor changed.

In the lawsuit, Arafa said her new supervisor, a Monsignor, was not respectful of her religion. She said during Ramada in 2008 he forced her to take a lunch break, even though all she could do was sit at her desk and do nothing since she could not eat.

Arafa said she was fired because the Diocese claimed they could hire an outside company for cheaper than keeping her employed. She claimed since she was a part-time employee who was not offered benefits, the outside company could cost the Diocese much more than her salary.

Arafa also claims she was never offered health insurance, but two other part-time employees, who were not Muslim, were.

She also said the Diocese eventually gave her responsibilities to a younger, non-Muslim male.

Arafa is seeking back pay and damages in the lawsuit.

Attorney Dave Steckel, who represents the Diocese, said he is still reviewing the complaint and declined to comment.

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