The religion of hatred and pieces: Concise Guide To Islamic Hate Speech and Intolerance

This was compiled by a very good friend and fellow counter jihadist, D.L. Adams. I have shared several article and posts by Mr. Adams and this one is top deck all the way.

The "Concise Guide To Islamic Hate Speech and Intolerance" puts many of the highlights,er, umm low points of islam, into a neat, concise article that is easy to share. This was up at Big Peace a few days and I am a bit tardy in getting this and some other posts up. The Blogger shut down was particularly annoying.

This is exceptional, and every word about islamic hate speech and intolerance is TRUE!

The link to the PDF file is below the feed.


Concise Guide To Islamic Hate Speech and Intolerance
Compiled by D.L. Adams

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
- Hamlet (1.4.90), Marcellus to Horatio

The statement above is obvious and redundant. Something is rotten in Denmark, but also in Canada, United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, and most importantly, in the United States.

The assaults on freedom of speech across the West relating to accurate/truthful comments about Islam and terrorism are growing. The conviction of Lars Hedegaard and the ongoing Orwellian trial of Dutch MP Geert Wilders for comments critical of Islam are cases in point.

How can concerned Americans respond when engaged in discussion/debate about matters of Islam?

In the current growing environment of anti-truth there is only one way to reply – with the truth. While the 1984-style “Ministry of Truth” is being constructed brick by brick, Americans ought to tear it down, brick by brick. The only way to do this is with the truth.

What are the motivators for Islamic hate speech and intolerance of non-Muslims? The answer is in the doctrine of Islam.

The attached PDF is a concise Guide in 7 pages to Islamic motivations for hatred, intolerance and violence against non-Muslims. The centrality of Islam is Allah and Mohammed; the only places they can be found are in the doctrine of Islam – Koran, Sira, Hadith.

The Concise Guide (attached in PDF format) presents key points from the doctrine of Islam relating to Islamic hate speech, intolerance, and justifications of violence.

Topics covered in this PDF (download below):

No Religion is Acceptable to Allah Other than Islam… 2
Islam and Beheading Non-Muslims… 2
Islam and Brutality… 3
Allah Despises Non-Believers… 3
Judaism and Christianity not “Acceptable” to Allah… 3
Permanent Jihad and Enmity against Non-Muslims… 4
Endless Conflict with Kafirs (Non-Muslims)… 4
Followers of Islam are Not Allowed to Have Friendships with Christians and Jews… 5
Followers of Islam are Not Allowed to Mourn the Death of Christians and Jews (or any Non-Muslim)… 5
Jihad is a Religious Obligation… 6
CAIR has an Islamist/Jihad Agenda… 6
According to Islam the Essential Claim of Christianity (Christ’s Divinity) is a Blasphemy… 6
According to Islam Jesus Christ is a Muslim Prophet and the Foundations of Christianity are False… 6
Prophet Mohammed Orders Murders… 7

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